Automatic Backup of your Blog

I have discovered an online utility that allows you to do c security opias of your blog in an unattended way without needing to remember when to do it. It is called BlogBackupr .

To access the service you must register, and once done you can add as many blogs as you want, which will be backed up. All you need is that your blog has RSS .

The service works with blogs on Blogger, WordPress and, and daily copies of your posts so you can export it or restore it. The export option offers you several formats: RSS, Text and HTML . In the case of blogs in WordPress, it also stores comments and categories .

It still does not make copies of images and templates but they will include these features soon.

The system stores your information in a safe 256-bit AES session a full guarantee. I have tried the system and it works really well, allowing you to forget about the action of regularly exporting posts from your blog what really matters, to let BlogBackupr do it for you.

A joy of service, essential to all of them.