Remove fields from the user profile • WordPress Help

I do not know about you but I always have certain fields in the user profile page of WordPress, such as Yahoo AIM it's not that I'm not Well the service but I think it is something already outdated, and ultimately it is unnecessary noise in the profile of a user, who always has the doubt of whether it will work for something or not.

add_filter ( 'user_contactmethods' 'hide_profile_fields' 10 1 ) ; [19659014] function hide_profile_fields ( $ contactmethods ) {

unset ( $ contactmethods [19659004] [ 'aim' ] ) ;

unset ( $ contactmethods [ 'jabber' ] ]) ;

) unset ( $ contactmethods [ 'yim' ] ) ;

return $ contactmethods ;


In the previous example you remove all the messaging fields, in my case I have left Jabber / GTalk, you can adapt it to your liking.

Warn your readers of new posts by MSN

Have you ever thought about having a system through which to notify your readers, or registered users, of new posts on your blog, through an instant message ?. Keep in mind that there are many people who do not know what an RSS, or just do not want to be aware of your subscription blog.

Especially if your blog is very focused on registered users can be interesting a system that send a message to your instant messaging client AIM, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, Email or even SMS when there is a new article on your blog.

Notifixious es a plugin that helps you automate this functionality. You only have to install it and, through the plugin configuration screen, define how you want to notify your registered users or others that use the system of .

The system is not universal, we could say, since goes through the use of the service of Notifixious but surely if you have that need, and be able to offer advanced features of this type to your blog, it will happen to you to make your readers use the system.