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<p> Like every year, just after Christmas, <strong> Help WordPress celebrates anniversary </strong>and already they go no less than <strong> 7 years </strong> offering news, tricks and guides on WordPress in Spanish. </p>
<p> Not even I thought that the blog would last so long, because the experience of this type of thematic and technical websites is what I said, but here I am, and I keep trying. </p>
<p> This year has been special for several reasons, and the main one is the publication of the book on <a title= WordPress "The Spider Web" and I'm sure that we there is much to learn, enjoy and thrive with WordPress, the world's leading web authoring, publishing and management system.

As always, here are some vital WordPress Help statistics:

  • This year we changed the helpwordpress domain .com to ayudawp.com. It was done well but something is always lost along the way, like Alexa ranking points and things like that. The important thing is that readers were not lost, which is the important thing.
  • In spite of the above, WordPress Help is the web in the position 626 of all the sites in Spain and the 16,846 in the whole world , what is not bad.
  • What has been noticed is the slump in subscriptions by RSS, a standard in clear disuse since Google stopped betting on it, let alone since the reading was set to through readers like Feedly, Flipboard and similar, especially on tablets and mobile phones. Right now there are 2,777 faithful readers by RSS who continue to receive the information in the best possible way.
  • The job seeker for WordPress experts was consolidated
  • . continue to rise are the subscribers by email no less than 7,965 readers who receive daily in their inbox what is published in WordPress Help.
  • In terms of rankings, the most important, the Google Pagerank, follows in a notorious PR 6, something only accessible to highly respected web sites, with many incoming links of quality and information that visitors value as having enough authority to be a reference in their subject matter, of which I am enormously grateful.
  • Google has no less than 46.527 pages indexed.
  • In these 7 years you have written no less than 34.626 comments.
  • Including this, there is the not inconsiderable amount of 3.547 entries
  • In the forum 15,110 debates have been created, which have received 40,545 responses from 121,297 users, of which 37,697 are subscribers to the blog, that's nothing.

Has it been missing?

Well, something that always costs me: change design . I have lacked time, as always, but I recognize that I am a little freaky for these things and I keep looking. I'm afraid that in the end I'll be determined to use the default theme, although I'd really prefer an exclusive design, perhaps to promote a good Spanish-speaking designer, so that's where the glove is.

Also, in a few days, we'll suffer a new server migration – and the fifth – to improve speed and performance, and I would like nothing more than the last.

I have nothing but words of thanks to Gigas ]because they have sponsored this blog in an impeccable way, but this costs a lot to maintain it and I do not have any money, so you have to be always looking for opportunities that, at least, do not make me lose money in the endeavor, so a few days Help WordPress will be hosted at CDmon by the way you know that it has always been one of my dearest hosting providers, and I am really delighted to be back with them. [19659003]Little more. You have already seen that this last month I have written something less than usual, mainly for workload (the one that pays the bills) but nothing will recover the rhythm and you will have your daily dose of WordPress, as in the last 7 years … and the They will come.

Thank you very much for staying there!

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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You make this Blog … Better it!

In these months of blog life we ​​have offered a lot of daily information, translated tutorials, plugins and themes, lots of WordPress tricks ] and daily information about all the news of this CMS. In this time we have received a great response from readers, which is shown in a few data …

And above all very good environment, readers who participate, who provide information in the comments, which link us from their own blogs and even help maintain WordPress Help by hiring links or banners .

But since nothing is perfect, I think it's a good time for to ask you if you think we're doing well if we're right on the content and how to treat them, even if the balance of the different contents is adequate or, on the contrary, we are totally wrong and think that we should address the issues in a different way, generate some other type of content, prioritize more about others, if you like the design, whatever .

Therefore, using a survey and – most of all – your comments we would like know co How to improve WordPress Help how to contribute more than what you like, or even if something is left over. Any opinion will be welcome.

It's your turn! and especially Thank you so much for being there, for valuing our work!

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<p><em> (PS: I promise to fix the question of the polls when I have a while) </em></p>
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NOTICE : this publication is two years ago If it is a code or a plugin, it may not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it is a story it may be obsolete, so do not say we have not warned you.

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My μStats – Popularity Widget

There are many ways to follow the popularity statistics of a blog but many go through having to visit several websites, do a search … in defintiva: waste time . [19659002] A faster way to do it, and that your readers see it by the way is to use My μStats a widget that you can put where you want (although the most common is the sidebar) and that shows you how to position your blog in: Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Feedburner and Delicious . The widget shows you a graphic and the icons of the ranking sites under it.

If you want to see a specific ranking simply click on the icon and it will show you its corresponding graphic . Very cool, really.

Install it is very easy, you do not have to install any plugin or anything like that. Just go to the website of My μStats and write the URL of your blog in the corresponding box, then click on the button " get widget code "And you get the necessary script to integrate it into your blog. The choice of where to paste that code is yours.

My μStats is really easy to use and offers your visitors interesting information on the popularity that your Blog has acquired , better than many other widgets or systems.