Challenges of WordPress in 2017

This past March 3 took place the first WordCamp Alicante and I want to share with you my experiences and the presentation I presented before the assistants

I have to admit that I had my doubts about how this first WordCamp would come out in Alicante for the little time the organizers had to prepare it, but I have to say that Ángel, Carlos, Manuel and the volunteers have done a job of 10 and none of the attendees noticed any type of improvisation of any kind.

I have attended many WordCamp and did not demerit any of the others, by veterans that were .

The place of the event, the University of Alicante in San Vicente de Raspeig, has a fantastic auditorium, so it complied with everything necessary. Both lunch and the various breaks were enough for everyone, nothing fancy, but nobody was hungry or heard a complaint.

The only difference with other WordCamp was that there was Contributor Day ]but everything else was perfect . In fact they had a good idea that they should inherit the rest of WordCamp: make the group photo at noon, not at the end of the day, which then always lack people.

The event consisted of only one track, so ] all the papers were held in the auditorium and you did not have to miss any of them something that WordCamps multitrack sometimes misses, having to decide between two or even three papers, something sometimes very difficult. [19659005] and the quality of the papers was tremendously high . The day started Lucy Tomas talking about good programming practices, which delighted us with her know-how and good development tricks in WordPress; then came Miguel Florido a crack and great guy in general, who told us his life experience, tricks and plugins that he has served to be able to dedicate himself to training, with great success.

of the first break Mercedes and Roberto delighted us with another of their talks Pimpinela fun, instructive and motivating in equal parts, as they usually do. They were followed by José Ramón Padrón who explained things that they never tell you about the mysterious world of hosting in a simple way and that surprised us all. Before lunch Darío Balbontín made a plea for HTML and custom-made topics, which attracted attention and debate.

If something has had this WordCamp has been surprises, one was how well it has been organized in so little time, another power to have such good speakers and so varied, and another to meet people I did not expect, like Jean Galea the creator of WP Mayor one of the ] WordPress blogs reference with which I had a good time talking about WordPress.

I also loved finding some of my big WordPress like Rocío , Teresa Lucy and Angeles whose encounter was some photo.

Again, too, I'm still excited that I am greeted by people who follow this blog and who thank me for helping them at some time, reason more than enough that feel proud to continue blogging and sharing every day .

I even had to sign some books, so it was a very emotional day.

After lunch and big meetings and photos the papers, starting with Joan Boluda and his ABC of the membership sites followed by a fun talk by Carlos Ruiz aka micromante about the process of creation and development of a WordPress project.

Then it was my turn, that I chose to talk about some challenges for this WordPress year, like AMP, HTTP / 2 SSL but hey, here's the presentation with the slides of what I was talking about for almost an hour.

He followed me after the break Fernando Serer who explained to us in great detail and live how to customize AMP and closed this fantastic day ] Juan Seguí distilling the essences of all he knows about WPO .

As I could not stay that night here my chronicle ends, but I take great moments , beautiful meetings, passionate conversations in the corridors and many new friends whom I hope to see again soon in WordCamp Madrid ?

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