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If you installed or upgraded as soon as you exit to version 0.6.0 of the AMP plugin it is very likely that all your AMP pages are displaying errors instead of viewing them.

This is due to an error with the initial load that Automattic made of the version 0.6.0 of the AMP plugin that, although they solved hours later by not changing the version number nobody updated of new.

The solution is to uninstall the AMP plugin and reinstall it again . Yes, the same version 0.6.0 of AMP but that is already without the error.

To see if the next time they are thinner, because Google does not walk with small ones with the errors AMP and begins to show errors immediately.

You can not leave half the planet with errors in the AMP pages for not changing the version number of a plugin uploaded with errors.

AMP on WooCommerce

Although there will always be someone who complains what is clear is that the AMP pages are here for the moment to stay for their multiple advantages for the user .

And if, until now, they were mainly designed for news pages, they also have important advantages for an e-commerce store, and of course for your online WordPress store with WooCommerce .

Why should you install AMP in WooCommerce?

You should be aware that most people are currently browsing from mobile and not always in high-speed networks such as 4G, but sometimes in 3G and even 2G.

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] So Google, knowing this, promoted the use of accelerated pages for mobiles, or AMP precisely to solve the most important problem of mobile navigation, speed.

AND AMP is perfect, because it loads pages with only the essential which gets very fast load pages, in less than 1 second almost always.

Another good side effect of the use of AMP is that reduces the bounce rate, which results in a better user experience .

There are many more reasons of course, of which I have already spoken on other occasions why you should be using AMP .

In summary, these are the reasons why you should also use AMP in your e-commerce:

  • Basic for good mobile SEO, because Google prevails over AMP pages.
  • Reduces the rate bounce site
  • Makes pages (and products) ca Rguen faster.
  • Improve your website's positions in Google results.
  • Facilitate tracking of mobile user behavior.
  • Google recommends, what's more, Google loves it.
  • They load in the Google cache, which accelerates them even further.
  • They have a special visualization in the mobile search results, with large image thumbnails and in prominent carousel.
  • They have a user interface adapted to mobile. [19659014] Improvement in CTR

AMP and e-commerce

Google created accelerated pages for mobile (AMP) especially for news sites and blogs. And the reality is that get this type of content loaded very quickly and very optimized for mobile .

Now, although many people think that AMP is only for news and blogs the In fact, AMP can also be adapted to e-commerce sites .

In fact, Google has stated the following:

AMP is perfect for an e-commerce since the AMP pages do that the web loads faster, and fast pages help conversion into sales.

According to the studies of an e-commerce that makes $ 100,000 a day would lose 2.5 million dollars each year for each second of delay in the loading of your pages.

Put clearly, look at this image of the results analyzed by Womp Mobile:

In short:

  • AMP pages convert 105% more.
  • AMP pages reduce the bounce rate a 31%.
  • AMP pages increase CTR by 29%.

I know that surely your e-commerce does not sell that much but are you going to risk losing sales through a slow website?

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Okay you can speed up your WooCommerce store with the guides I've posted here in WordPress Help but AMP takes mobile load optimization to the next level.

If you want data on why you should offer accelerated pages in your e-commerce I leave you a summary:

  • 50% of users expect a web to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • 50% of the users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 79% of users will not visit a slow website again.
  • 44% of those users will tell their friends not to visit a slow website

And, again, if you want reasons for using AMP in e-commerce, here are a few:

  • AMP pages load 4 times faster.
  • AMP pages consume 10 times less data
  • AMP pages load in less than 1 second.
  • 90% of administrators e sites with AMP have checked more CTR, less bounce rate and more downtime.

If eBay is adopting AMP, why do not you?

If you want an example of where you're going the market aims: eBay is massively adopting AMP and already charges more than 8 million pages in this technology .

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The argument is just what we are talking about, speed up the loading of your product pages, categories, etc. .

The product pages in AMP are clearer , easier to navigate for the mobile user, and above all, much faster.

And what does Google say about putting AMP in ecommerce?

I understand the question, because in principle it was only for news, but not only is delighted that AMP is used in ecommerce but has even published a series of tips and guidance on how to implement and use it successfully .

Ok, I'm convinced how do I add AMP to WooCommerce?

The first thing is to install the AMP base plugin, which you will find in the plugin installer of your WordPress.

Install the base of AMP

First of all look for AMP e install and activate the AMP plugin from Automattic, which is the base that WordPress needs to create and Accelerated pages for mobiles

Only with that AMP pages are created for your entries which will be the only type of content you will recognize.

So ] now it's time to activate AMP for WooCommerce products .

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

If you use Yoast SEO plugin you should already know that, in addition, you must install the plugin Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP which solves AMP integration errors with Yoast, but also includes the ability to activate AMP for products on its settings page.

The problem is that, although it creates the AMP pages for your products actually are merely informative, and can not be purchased directly not even remotely.

So forget about this option, Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP is not enough to create product pages in AMP with which to sell something . What's more, disable that possibility if you use Yoast.

AMP WooCommerce

There is another plugin, also free that, yes, creates AMP pages for your products that you can sell with. I mean AMP WooCommerce .

Install it from WordPress and activate it. There is nothing to configure it just works.

Once active you can see your products in AMP, with super fast loading, ready to sell.

WordPress WooCommerce AMP

This plugin, available in Envato is by far the best option to add AMP to WooCommerce .

It is very simple to configure and also allows create AMP pages of your product categories, also vital in many e-commerce stores for your sales.

Tips for implementing AMP in an ecommerce [19659024] Not all AMP pages are created the same.

Here are some tricks and good practices to create attractive, fast AMP pages that turn your visits into sales.:

  • Selective.] My advice is that you start implementing AMP on the pages with the greatest impact on organic searches. Depending on the site it will be the cover, the categories or the products. A good plugin will let you choose where to create them.
  • Eye with the plugins. If you use a plugin that generates AMP pages from predefined templates, review the way users will see them. Above all make sure that they do not change the general appearance of your online store, to avoid scares and distrust on the part of your potential buyers, prevents them from fleeing for this reason. Choose a plugin that allows you to customize the main aspects of your AMP pages.
  • Keep the brand image. Make sure that the AMP pages maintain the styles, logo, colors, etc that the rest of the web.
  • Make sure of the synchronization. As I tell you, be careful with the plugins for design reasons I ask you to make sure that the AMP pages are synchronized with your page canonical in case of changes in the products. Do not trust, when you make changes empty the cache and check your AMP pages
  • Full functionality . An AMP page should not be a decaffeinated version of its non-AMP counterpart, but a faster and better version for mobiles. If in your store you have filtered by attributes, featured products, selection options or whatever helps you sell more, your AMP pages should have it too.


  • Should you install AMP in your e-commerce? Yes, of course.
  • When? Right now.
  • What did I win? Fast product pages, satisfied customers, more sales.
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