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Thus, without half measures, WordPress will be radically simplified. This is what Matt Mullenweg has said at a recent conference in New York .

This coming Sunday WordPress turns 9 and soon we will have the WordPress version 3.4, but WordPress must advance to be a tremendously simple and simple platform, especially oriented to mobile devices. Because WordPress already has the fundamental tools and code to be a solid, secure and powerful CMS but it has to address a mobile future that is already present for most users (first world, not forget us.)

And that is that WordPress should go to offer that feeling that they even tell us again, and we do not care, that " is not a CMS ", that it seems so simple that, as with the Mac, it seems incredible that with such a simple interface you can do so many great things from a personal blog to a high traffic website.

I think that We have all seen how WordPress mobile applications are becoming more useful, with CSS adaptable to the devices and with improvements in the interface, but we must take a step forward, especially thinking about the tablets those little tacit wonders useful that any child or elder know how to use nothing else to take them. That's what WordPress should tend to, and for that it will surely have to do without much " paraphernalia " current. Do you remember Habari ?, because I think that an advance in that direction would be right

Anyway, it's not a change that is made in a few days, but surely for the 10th anniversary of WordPress in a year, for when we are talking about WordPress 3.5 or WordPress 3.6 we will have an equally powerful platform, but much more friendly, simple and adapted to all types of devices, but before.

Note: bi0xid comments that a fork is being worked on simpler so that those who want a WordPress "lite" opt for it but keeping a full version to have a full-blown CMS. Come on, there will be 2 versions, the complete and the "light".

Personally I think something could be done in the style of Multisite, that just as you can expand your WordPress so that it becomes a network there would also be an option to make it lite . But this is already a matter of taste.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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There have been many more interesting days, but what touches are the thanks: [19659002] And I have many left, I hope you forgive me for my bad head. To all you guys Thanks!

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I've been thinking about changing the design of the blog for a long time and I have to admit that it's not easy for me. December 26 is the anniversary of WordPress Help and I think it's an ideal time to launch the version 2.0 with new features and functionality.

Regarding the theme I have some ideas I'm already working but for the image of the logo, icon, header I have nothing clear. And that's why I've decided to create a design contest in which readers can participate, and of course win prizes .

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It seems incredible that they only happened [19659003] 9 months since Guillermo and I started this blog, and in that time we have been going through challenges every day, all thanks to your response and support .

Now, with the Bitácoras awards at sight, with the participation in the Webmasters Congress and other awards such as 20 Blogs or the same congress , it seems that we are coming to a consolidation of this space that, in principle, only tried to cover an existing lack: a blog dedicated exclusively to WordPress .

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