Mac web notifications from WordPress

Since the introduction of the Safari browser of the Mavericks version of Mac OSX, and also recently in Chrome for Mac, your website may show Desktop notices to encourage your readers to receive notices on your computer, even if they do not have the web browser open .

This thing called Web Push Notifications is a subscription system to the news of a really interesting website, because when you publish new content the user will receive a warning of their operating system, even if they do not have the web browser open being able to check the last of your site.

What's more, there are some systems that allow you to send personalized notices, not just the automatic ones that are generated every time you publish a new entry.

And the best thing of all is that there are a lot of free services that allow to integrate this system of Web Push Notifications in WordPress through plugins. Let's see some …

Web Push Notifications

Really simple, just install it and add a new icon to the desktop menu of WordPress from which you access the web service of Tidio from where configure the appearance of the subscription and desktop notices. It also allows sending personalized messages.

For Chrome notifications it is necessary to upload a file to your server via FTP, due to the requirement that they are HTTPS connections.

All simple and all for free . [19659015] OneSignal Web Push Notifications

This plugin links to OneSignal, a service that connects to the Google Developer Console so that, once registered (free) in OneSignal, you create an application that activates the desktop web ads.

A little bit more cumbersome to start up than the previous one but equally very effective and also free .

Push Monkey

Another service that offers us, through a plugin, the creation of web notifications is that of Push Monkey. Once installed the plugin automatically invites us to its settings page, which encourages us to create an account, which will offer us a trial service for 30 days, or if we prefer one of the payment plans, ranging from $ 2.5 a month, you decide, but the good thing is that you can try it before.

The system is very easy to configure, has statistics and works great.

Roost Web Push

One of the most used, the Roost web notification system also goes through the registration in their service, offering notices in Safari and Chrome, plus a lot more options.

Like the previous one, just install the plugin invites us to create a 30-day trial account in the service before using it, with the proviso that you will ask us for the credit card information, even if they do not load anything initially.

The good news is that you can skip this step , so if you leave the proces or register in that step and go back to your WordPress you will see that you can access with the chosen email and password and use it without needing to give any banking information.

From the plugin's administration page you have access to the settings, where you can even specify the sending of notices when there are new messages in bbPress forums, what categories will send notifications, and if you prefer to send the notification only when a user visits you more than once or only after clicking on something, not to be especially heavy.

Of course, as a professional service that is, you can also send personalized notices, not just the automatic ones when you post something, a great marketing element.

Which is better?

It's a complicated question. Actually the best is the Roost system and in fact the most used professionally. Now, if for you it is a problem the monthly payment for a service for a limited user segment (Mac users) perhaps your best choice is one of the first two, among which wins by a landslide in simplicity Tidio system the plugin called Web Push Notifications simpler is impossible.

Above all keep in mind what I just pointed out, that is something that you offer to a very specific sector of visitors, those who use Safari or Chrome for Mac who will be the ones who will really take advantage of this type of notification service.

Yes, you will mark differences completely, because it does not stop being a really powerful subscription service, that warns your readers even if they do not have the browser open, directly on their computer desktop .

Note: Web notifications only work with the web browser S afari for Mac OSX and Chrome for Mac OSX, and in the case of Chrome only with HTTPS.

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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WordPress theme "retina" ready

Apple has introduced in many of its devices the concept of visualization called " Retina display ", by which a device will show the double (at least) resolution of another similar, thanks to the high-quality screens they use, for example, the latest iPhone, iPad and MacBook computers .

If you've tried one of these devices with retina display you will have verified that the resolution of the typefaces and the images is really spectacular.

To have a web " retina ready " it is necessary to take into account several aspects , the main ones are these:

  • Images at higher resolution, something easy to add using several methods that we will see later.
  • Icons and buttons using CSS, to be able to show different versions depending on the device.
  • F avicons, the easiest, because you only have to upload a favicon to 32 × 32 pixels instead of the standard to 16 × 16

And, of course, in WordPress we can be prepared for to offer a version " retina ready "from our website for which we have several possibilities, some really simple. Let's see some options, some easier than others …

… WordPress Plugins …

WP Retina 2x : This plugin converts our WordPress into " retina ready ", at least as far as that refers to images. It offers two different ways to serve images to your visitors, choosing the one that best suits your accommodation and environment. It also has support for WordPress multisite.

The plugin, once active, creates the necessary image files for devices with Retina display . If the resolution of the original images was not high enough, it shows you a notice in the Multimedia Library to upload images at a higher resolution.

From the first moment, the plugin recognizes the device from which your website is being viewed and will show the version of the images appropriate to it, being the highest resolution in the case of the Retina display.

Simple WP Retina : another great plugin that changes, when your website is viewed from a device with a screen retina, to the version @ 2x of the images.

To do this, the plugin creates versions @ 2x of the images of the entries and also for the thumbnails. There is nothing to configure, but you also have to install the plugin regenerate thumbnails once installed Simple WP Retina and run the regenerated thumbnails, the rest is automatic.

… WordPress Themes …

By course, it will save you time and effort using a theme that is already ready for retina displays, such as Responsive (free) or another stack that you can find (already paid)

… Resized using CSS …

This already exists, you do not have to install or learn anything . The idea is simple: serve images at twice the resolution but resized in half. The device with Retina display will show the image at its top resolution, the only downside is that you always load the image at full resolution, although it is not necessary in devices without Retina display.

Come on, what you have to do is acquire the custom of always uploading the images at twice the resolution of those that you will show them in your theme and resize them, using the attributes " width " and " height ", all of them half the time to insert them.

In short, it would be something like that for a 640 × 400 resolution image:

… Javascript …

One way to achieve the same as with the previous methods is through the script Retina.js . Once you download it from the official site the process is this:

  1. Upload the file retina.js to your server
  2. Add the necessary script to the file footer. php of your active theme, before the tag :

What the script does is assume that you use the high resolution modifier recommended by Apple (@ 2x) to identify variations of high resolution images on your website and, in this way, if you insert a called image, let's say chunk_of_photo.png then look for a call chunk_of_photo@2x.png that will be the one will show devices with retina display. So you know what it is: always upload the above, or use the LESS CSS trick as explained on the official website of Retina.js.

… Iconized fonts …

One of the things more horrible to the " retinizar " a web are the sources, because the redimensión shows them horribly pixelizadas. To solve this important facet we can use the technique @ font-face very implemented from Twitter bootstrap and quite easy to add to our WordPress using Font awesome ]which allows you to install typographic font icons in the form of vectors that, without greatly loading your web, will show a high quality version that will look great on Retina displays.

Once you download Fong Awesome do the following:

  1. ] Copy the folder " Font Awesome " to your server
  2. Copy the files font-awesome.less or font-awesome.css to the folder your active WordPress theme.
  3. Open the uploaded CSS file and edit the URL of the source so that it points to the folder where you uploaded Font Awesome

Another way to do it is create your own typeface with services as Font builder yl You can implement the new sources on your site by creating CSS classes that use @ font-face .

Well, as you can see there is everything from the simplest to special modes for developers . What seems clear is that the web tends to retinish little by little and we must take into account these techniques if we want our website created with WordPress to be competitive and add value to these devices with Retina display that are being used more and more.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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From iWeb to WordPress • WordPress Help

It's true that I already explained quite a while ago how to export from iWeb to WordPress but as grandparents say " ] the sciences advance that is a barbarity "and today there is already a simpler and more elegant solution to convert a site created with iWeb the application of Apple WordPress.

iWeb to WordPress from Rage Software, is an application (paid for that) that for $ 39.95, about € 29 today, makes it much easier to migrate from iWeb to WordPress. [19659004Maybeyouaskyourself" and why am I going to do this migration, spending money, if in fact the blog that I set up with iWeb is beautiful and it works? ", then look where, because Apple abandoned the MobileMe project something that is falling, the comments are going to stop f unitar just for that reason it's worth it because in these times there is no sense in a blog without comments, without user interaction, do not you think?

Well that, if you have something done with iWeb you better go migrating it because it will largely stop working as before.

Going back to iWeb for WordPress it's a application for Mac OSX that, after installing it, is to sew and sing. Opening the main window you just have to do the following to export your iWeb to WordPress:

  1. Open iWeb and export your site to a local folder
  2. You must enter the URL of your site in MobileME in the URL field of the site export it to iWeb. If you do not do this the comments will not be exported
  3. Then open (or drag it to the window) the folder of your site exported in iWeb for WordPress
  4. That's it! The application generates everything you need to set up your site in WordPress, or add it to an existing installation

In this video you have the process, so you can see how simple it is …

You can download the application but only the export of tickets will work and comments to WordPress if you pay for the software.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress for IOS 2.6, finally video

Just released version 2.6 for IOS Apple's mobile operating system. In this new version the novelty highlighted is the possibility of uploading videos in our posts and that these are published on the site, whether we upload the video from the iPhone / iPad library or make a video instantly to upload it. In addition, other improvements have been applied, such as the management of the drafts, already with self-preservation, until now not very stable.

Adapt your site for iPad

No doubt, the iPad is revolutionizing the computer world by leaps and bounds. If for months nobody gave a euro for a tablet PC suddenly, Apple brings to light the iPad and everyone discovers that he needs the gadget (myself included).

And like the iPad it incorporates new navigation modes (mainly), different from the ones we know so far, a new experience of " touching the web ", we will do badly if we do not adapt our site created with WordPress to the characteristics of the iPad. Come on, that has to be updated .

Unfortunately, there is still almost nothing to adapt our WordPress site for iPad. Themes are not found and there are only plugins that incorporate some kind of functionality, but nothing complete, that transforms our WordPress into a native website for iPad. It seems that the only option right now is to design a version of our website exclusively for iPad and the 'user_agent' will detect the device and show it.

But no, everything has a solution, in some cases per box …

PadPressed is so far the only complete WordPress-specific solution, and spectacular result, that turns our site into a native website for iPad when it detects that our visitor uses the fashionable device . If you need a quick solution right now it's the best you can find, and if you look closely the price is not expensive for the job that saves you.

In this video you can see the fantastic result … [19659003]

More options ?, then use a exclusive theme for iPad like these …

Or follow one of these guides with which adapt your site to iPad :

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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WordPress for iPad does not upload images • WordPress Help

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