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The Microsoft web platform in which it offers the installation of an online application package that makes life easier for users, all under the umbrella of the giant Redmon.

It's not uncommon that includes WordPress as one of the standard applications, but weirdly is that includes PHP, the hard-fought Open Source competitor of ASP.NET . Also, it does not include MySQL, so I do not know what they will include, perhaps SQL Server Express and IIS . I have not tried it yet because I do not use Windows and the installer is only for this system operative and requires. NET so I can not either share if offer a modified version of WordPress that is compatible with these platforms.

Curious about Microsoft's current strategy that it seems that it has decided to make war on Google, although this movement is little understood, or me at least I can not understand how they promote the use of products that are competitors of their own.

Matt Mullenweg – "Developers have to think a lot more about usability" • WordPress Help

Thanks to emip3 I found out that in the newspaper La Nación they have interviewed Matt Mullenweg, soul of WordPress, and for your interest I quote it here so you do not miss any of it. Both the text and the image belong to the original article that you can consult here .

– In early December they released the new version of WordPress (2.7), which is much more customizable than the previous ones, how do you choose the functions to be prioritized in each new release?

– What we try to do is that everything can be used more easily from the beginning, that someone who never used WordPress, but at the same time who has used it can feel it is an advance. It aims to make everything simpler, that every action that the user wants to do will demand less number of clicks.

– In the comments on the latest version, several people complained about the change in the look of the Control Board of WordPress what is your opinion about it?

– It is logical that people resist change, but we have to keep innovating and changing the design. Change is the most important thing for us. If we slow down, we get stuck, and even though our service is free, all bloggers ask us more and more, day after day.

"To design the latest versions of WordPress we used a system that it allows us to know about which places of the control panel the look of our users rests. So we see what they see and we can see which sectors go unnoticed and improve them.

– You work with open source code in everything you can; however, some members of the developer community want you to not interact at any point with closed source companies. In WordPress Google tools are used and your November talk in Buenos Aires was done in the Microsoft offices. How do you live that?

– Critics come in batches, they are like waves that sometimes come and suddenly disappear. I recently received a comment because we used some Google tools to make our blogs work better, we got an email saying that Google will observe us all and save all our information for some unknown purpose. That's obviously not the case.

"We as Autommatic are sure to be open source and the idea is to be fundamentally so, in the foundations of our company. There are a lot of things that will never change, but there are some features like the fact of including videos from YouTube, the signature of Google, which will remain that way.

"There is no way for us to do something like YouTube: to receive a video 100 Megabytes, change format, shrink it and put it in a blog, we can not do that, we would need too much investment in hardware, especially servers. It is a lot of work and very expensive to do, we have developed many things, but the hardware is not trivial, we would have to devote a lot of time to something that is not central.

– There are some tools to make a blog built on WordPress can be managed from the desktop of the PC ), what do you think about it?

– ( Laughs ) It's OK, I like that WordPress leaves the browser, the amount of applications that are created related to our platform is great. It is very powerful because people can blog from outside the house, and that will be more interesting every day.

– Do you think that in the near future cell phones will be an important tool for blogging?

-I do not think it will happen in the near future because the experience has to improve a lot, there is a lot to do, in general there is a very bad experience of browsing on cell phones, but some things like Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google, they are interesting. The Blackberries also help in this aspect. The future is to leave home and stay connected.

"We already have a development for the iPhone, which is what I use. With Android we will do the same when our users are there.

– So, what do you think about netbooks, that new segment of small notebooks?

– I love them, the ubiquity of netbooks is great. But they need a good connection to give their full potential and this does not necessarily exist all over the world.

– This is your second time at Wordcamp Buenos Aires (http: // ), what goes through your head when people who live so far are interested in WordPress ?

– ( Laugh ) It's very funny and amazing, I've been to more than 20 Wordcamp in 2008. What fascinated me the most was getting to China, because there it's all very different. It's a lot of people and they got together to talk about WordPress it's almost surreal (more laughter).

– Although you were born in Texas, you live in San Francisco, an area with a lot of entrepreneurs, do you have colleagues who Are you worried about the current crisis?

– Yes, because in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, which is very close, there are many companies that are throwing people, closing and merging. This is because the model of the Valley to generate wealth is to obtain one million dollars and spend it, obtain five million dollars and spend them, and so long as possible. It is assumed that you can always get more money, then when you enter at a time when that is over, you have to disappear or reformulate your company.

"It is not a good situation, but in this context the innovation has to appear because you have to survive. And it is also good because we buy companies and now they are much cheaper. In addition, there are many talented people who were left without work and we can add to our company.

– In addition to developing WordPress you use Thunderbird to manage your mail and support Ubuntu as desktop software. These are open source applications that target the general public, what do you think the other companies that promote this type of tool to grow are missing?

– I think that open source has a bad background on how to resolve conflicts. If two developers can not agree on how to solve a function it does not matter, add the two ( laughs) . They do not ask what is better for the user, I think that developers have to think a lot more about usability. There are unified criteria.

– The slogan of WordPress is Code is poetry, but are you still developing?

– Yes!

– Where do you get the time?

-I do not know how; In general, conferences in Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese come in handy, because as I do not understand what is being talked about, I start developing. I have written in WordPress part of the user comments interface. I also work a lot in Akismet, the system that stops spam comments in our blogs. For me, developing is like being on vacation.

Pablo Martín Fernández

Microsoft wants to compete with WordPress • WordPress Help

Oxite is a new CMS of Microsoft based on ASP .NET MVC . Oxite offers support for pingbacks, trackbacks, anonymous or identified comments, gravatar support, RSS feeds for each level of pages, API support for MetaWebLog administration panel and format support Open Search which allows users to search the site using their browser's search bar.

 oxyte-download "width =" 452 " height = "335" srcset = " 565w, /oxite-download-500x371.png 500w "sizes =" (max-width: 452px) 100vw, 452px "/> </a></p>
<p><strong> Microsoft Oxite </strong> is collected under the <a href= MS-PI license a license Microsoft Open Source . As for the system requirements, they are somewhat different from what you're used to, nothing to do with what you'll find in any hosting:

H and that run Oxite from any version of Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista or Server 2008 (32 or 64-bit), and the following:

  1. Some version of Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express (VWD Express),
  3. SQL Express 2005 or 2008

If you dare to try it – and your server allows it – you can download it here ] Personally, I think it's an outrage, a way to continue depending on the Microsoft platform and abandon software Open Source but surely for companies that already use ASP for their website is an interesting option when adding a blog.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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How to hire a good WordPress hosting

Now maybe the free hosting you got tired, and you want to leave ; have more independence … Hiring a paid hosting is a step that at some point we all give (or at least, we wish).

 Hosting Linux Web Servers PHP

But as we all know, choose a good hosting that responds, that is stable, fast and not of configuration problems, it is difficult task. Therefore, here I will try to explain for beginners (and why not for those who want to review), certain aspects that it is advisable to take into account at the time of hire a hosting plan for WordPress or any other project, how to choose plans, see transfer, etc.

NOTE: aimed at main, basic users. If you are a more experienced user, it is good to read it, but perhaps not much.

The most important thing is to define some ideas (with a lot of imagination):

  1. What use are we going to give? Take the hosting like an empty lot where we want to build a house. According to whether we want one or two floors, we must build the foundations according to it. Well, that is a choice between: Windows or Unix / Linux . If you are going to work with WordPress, you must choose Linux (then I'll explain why)
  2. What material will it be? It's very difficult … But it will be important to choose and build the columns and main pillars, the floors themselves, and some walls. That is called PHP or ASP with its respective databases, file systems, etc … PHP is managed with Linux while ASP with Windows platform. Eye! some Windows based services allow PHP, but it is not advisable to hire them.
  3. Once the materials have been chosen, and with a certain idea, we will have to build the columns and pillars: This is called CMS or Management System Contents, that is, your WordPress or Joomla, Drupal, etc … Attention: these systems, in our case WordPress, use PHP and MySQL (on Linux servers).
  4. Now if we go to the walls ! patience! This should be the last step to follow: you must complete the entire tutorial and then return here. The walls, with their colors and frames will be your theme (template, skin, face, design, etc.). While the furniture and amenities, will be the plugins .

Well, leaving a little aside the illustration of your blog as a house; we will explain some more technical concepts and aspects where you should pay attention :

  • Web space (the square meters of land): it is the available space that you buy to make use of it. It is measured in Mb (megabytes), and you can usually start comfortably with 50Mb
  • Monthly transfer (taxes): visually it works like a road toll (the one that charges you for traveling on a highway or road). If you have many visits, you will use more "transfer". It is measured monthly, and in the GigaByte unit (Gb). A personal blog, on average, does not use more than 1Gb or 2Gb per month. Lately some companies prefer to express it in Mb, and offer 1000Mb, which is equivalent to 1Gb (approx.)
  • Availability and connection speed : this is very important, but maybe not at the beginning when you are undemanding. It is good to visit other sites hosted in that company, see if they open quickly and that they do not fall regularly. It is also interesting to ask and verify in the service conditions (contract) if there are limitations of "memory usage" or "php memory" or something similar. If you are going to have a website with a lot of national traffic, you can entrust it to a more specific company in your country instead of a very international one.
  • Make sure to try technical support send emails with half of your doubts, and then a second when they have answered. If you do not know English, it is better to hire in a company that speaks your language : The Internet is not only the United States, there are good services in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and even some in Miami (where there is great Spanish-speaking population).

As for hosting, it would be enough. Now you must choose an Address like your home: Street 2, 2nd floor, 4th floor, etc … or rather a "domain" it can be www. . Some companies do not register all types of domains, especially ".tv, .info, .biz, or country domains (, .es, etc.).

Finally, read, reread and verify again and again the characteristics of the plan . Sometimes, it can happen, that we hire, and then we find that it does not have FTP access, or such or such thing. That is often a mistake of not paying enough attention, beyond the scam companies.

It is very useful to search in Google about that company, it is commented a lot in forums about them the service; because the comments or experiences that may be published on the web hosting are often edited or censored.

What else to say, is a basic guide, if you want more! you will already learn it 🙂

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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