WordPress 2.7 Final already available

Well, after a long wait we finally have available for download the final version of WordPress 2.7 which I hope with so many revisions several surveys and tests are the most stable until now known, and more after the renovation that has suffered both its operation and the appearance of the administration panel.

As always, you can download it from the official link ] when it is available, because I just discovered it by chance when updating one of the blogs from the Beta versions (in fact right now it is not announced on the official website or on the development blog), and here I leave you a few posts of reference to facilitate the installation and the transition:

And, of course, if you are not yet decided, you can continue entangling in the WordPress 2.7 demo

Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress 2.7 • WordPress Help

If you have already tried the demo of WordPress 2.7 you will have found a new option in your user profile that allows you to activate the keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation, this …

And next to this option you have a link that shows us what are those keyboard shortcuts that, as usual, we will detail:

When you visit the comments page none is selected so first press the letter j or the letter k to select the prinmer. From there you move like this:

Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress

As I am released with the Screencasts here is another one that I elaborated yesterday. This time I explain how to use the WordPress editor without taking your hands off the keyboard do you feel like it ?, here is explained …

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