How to use the WordPress HTML5 HTML5 media player

One of the novelties of WordPress 3.6 is the new media player HTML5 that allows you to play audio and video files uploaded to your site easily.

Although I do not recommend ever playing multimedia files, especially if they are heavy, from your server but that's what services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. can now upload files using the WordPress editor's media manager and offer its reproduction without complications . Incidentally, you save a couple of plugins, like Audio Player or Vipers Video Quicktags, as a regular reader says

You just have to upload the media file and you will see that when you embed it you have an option to insert a player …
 insert audio wordpress 3.6

What it adds is a shortcode with the URL of the file that, when publishing the post, becomes a simple media player and cash. However, if you prefer you can also simply paste the URL of an audio file into the entry and it will also play .
 shortcode audio wordpress 3.6

The ] shortcode can include the file type specification or not, it works equally. Its simplest form would be like this:

Embed an MP3 file with link to download with shortcode …

It seems that I have become accustomed to shortcodes; the fact is that I am avoiding the use of plugins as much as possible; and based on the requirements I have for my website, because I have created a shortcode to embed mp3 files with their respective link; that is, the player itself to listen to the audio and the link to download the corresponding file.

The player that I have used is the xspf slim version, that is, the simple mode; you can download the following link: XSPF Player Slim Version

The file brings the .fla file and the actionscript; but the one that we are going to use is the xspf_slim_player.swf that we upload to a folder of our server; it could be the music folder or the one that they want.

As I already formatted it in the same code, the visualization will be as follows:

I hope you have served them, you can see it working in http: //

NOTE: They have to change for their domain or the player's path.