Verification of 2 steps in WordPress • WordPress Help

The security of a web is fundamental, and one of the most attacked sites in a WordPress installation is the access screen, and if not it installs Wordfence and you can check yourself the amount of attempts of brute force attacks that are received daily if your site has some popularity.

It is for this reason that it is worth evaluating incorporate one of the latest security technologies: the verification in 2 steps .

This method, already used by such popular services as Google and Dropbox besides – surely – your online banking, requires that you enter to access, in addition to your user and password, an additional code that will be provided to you by mobile phone or other methods.

If you are committed to the security of your site there are several ways to have 2-step verification in WordPress v let's see some …

Nothing else, just recommend you try it, because improves WordPress's many whole security.