WordPress SEO Master – WordPress Help

There is nothing the title, what would you like to have that phrase hanging on the door ?. Well something like this is what you can get with the minimum effort, just keep reading.

And it's so easy because that name so bombastic is nothing more and nothing less than the name of a WordPress plugin that joins a multitude of utilities that will allow you to make your blog a SEO pump .

Here you can define the keywords for titles, descriptions and meta keywords across the blog .

With this module, configuring properly your configurations you can choose where to show the tag "rel = nowollow" for avoid the double-indexing of search engines and make your blog be pure SEO

Here you will be able to add a tag in all categories, file and feeds to prevent the bots of search engines from considering content as a duplicate .

This module is like a link machine is. You choose the keywords and the plugin will automatically add relevant links to your blog to get internal traffic and position other articles of your creation.

In short, a really complete plugin , which covers a large part of the WordPress SEO techniques so that, as easily as possible, you have a completely optimized blog .