Publishing on the blog from Firefox • WordPress Help

I recently discovered a wonderful application for Firefox that can replace the usual editor in a blog or any other service that offers an editing system for posts, articles or similar. [19659002] What Xinha does is open in a place of your choice (bottom or new window) a very complete visual editor that you can replace the WordPress editor without having to touch code in the installation of your Blog .

In addition to the usual buttons it has advanced functions that will allow you to do the code with the code without having to type a line of it. Moreover, this article has been written with Xinha and proven some of its functions as …

Template in Spanish – IndoMagz • WordPress Help

IndoMagz is a theme premium magazine style with 2 sidebars, ad space, customizable homepage and more features. Includes the PageNavi and Breadcrumb plugins .

In the zip you have two folders, themes with the folder indomagz that you must upload to wp-content / themes and plugins with the plugins folders (optional) that you can upload to wp-content / plugins .

Template in Spanish – iPhone

From all4wordpress have released a few days ago this great template with iPhone appearance and advanced features. Here you have it completely in Spanish.



Demo: In English

Download :
[download id=28]

What you read is an original content of WordPress Help – Resources, themes, plugins and tutorials in Spanish and published Fernando Tellado first here: Template in Spanish – iPhone

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Editor

The WordPress editor is very easy to use but there is an even faster way to use it; keyboard shortcuts .

Using key combinations you can access the functions offered by the code quick access buttons. These are achieved by keying in unison the key Alt (Windows and Linux) or Control (Mac) and some of the keys of the following image extracted from the help of ] TinyMCE

In this way if, for example, you want to include a link to a selected text, instead of releasing the keyboard to use the mouse and pressing the icon to insert links, you can access the same by typing Control + a (Mac) or Alt + a (Linux and Windows).

How to trim URLs in comments • WordPress Help

The other day I was asking donado how could cut the URLs too long that our readers may leave in the comments to our entries. I took the witness, I searched in the Codex and in Google and I facilitate not one, but two ways to get it .

1. Using the WP-Chunk plugin

2. Retouching the CSS of your stylesheet

I hope this solves your problem and that of some more.

Security problem with the Permalinks Migration plugin • WordPress Help

The plugin Dean's Permalinks Migration is a fantastic tool to prevent your blog from being removed from Google if you decide to change permalinks ((Permanent links: the way your blog shows links to articles; eg: or Now, a vulnerability has been discovered in the plugin that would allow a user to install malicious code on your blog.

Optimizing the speed of our blog

Reading the blog of Joost de Valk, I found a post where he exposes some original and interesting tips to improve the speed of response of our WordPress, avoiding to the maximum the queries to the database.

Something very basic is to replace all the calls to "generic" things with static HTML, how:

So you know, if they optimize until they can not, take into account the replacement of all queries possible for static HTML, your readers, and your hosting service, grateful.