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The highlight of the afternoon of the first day is the live intervention of Matt Mullenweg in a meeting with the community without exhibition or presentation, just to answer questions from the public of WordCamp Europe 2015 from Seville .

 Matt Mullenweg WCEU 2015 Seville

And the truth is that Matt is a charming guy, wasting sympathy as few, and it is appreciated.

The first questions have been mainly about the market share of WordPress and, especially, about the direction and changes in the development of WordPress. Matt has been conciliatory, without wanting to go much into flour, but making use of the many changes that have taken place this past year, mainly related to changes in the WordPress.org website, and especially in the internationalization of the web and directories of plugins and themes, already in progress.

More juicy has been the question about the future of WordPress compared to other platforms such as EZPublish or Drupal, about the possibility that WordPress may lose steam if it does not innovate enough.

Matt has out gracefully remembering that right now WordPress occupies 24% of the market in web platforms and that the growth is unstoppable, with hundreds of new plugins and environments that are supported by WordPress every day.

In fact, he has ventured a glorious future for WordPress , then, as he said, as the technology evolves, the publication is democratized, and WordPress will evolve in this process and grow in implementation.

 Mullenweg wceu

He also pointed out that in a couple of years WordPress will give birth to so many changes that will leave the rest of CMS behind, with the sentence that " everything that you can do in Drupal you can do it with WordPress and cheaper ". And, one of the themes of the day of WordCamp Europe, has announced the significant increase in speed that WordPress will acquire with the massive implementation of PHP 7, venturing that perhaps this year WordPress will force them to abandon PHP 5.2.

Another one of the expected questions has been on the security and WordPress . Of course, his answer has been that security is not a matter of WordPress but of the entire system where a web is installed. Logical mention to the security of the plugins, the main possible hole.

He also took advantage of the question to present to the new head of security of WordPress.org: Nikolay Bachiyski, there present by the way.

 Nikolay security wordpress

Another of the basics of the afternoon are the thanks for creating WordPress, because all the people gathered here are thanks to Matt and Mike Little. they had the happy idea of ​​creating WordPress, and there was no shortage of people to recognize it, momentazos!

He also took advantage of the fact that he was passing by to recommend the use of Babble recently acquired by Automattic, for the Translation of contents

And another momentazo was his defense of Customizer in full controversy about the duplicity of functions versus simplicity with the announcement of the incorporation of menus in the m ism. It was simply dispatched asking among the attendees about who likes the Customizer with sad result hehe. He dodged the bullet saying he's working on improving the interface.

 Matt Mullenweg wceu 2

More committed has been, by far, the matter of adapting WordPress to Mobile devices, one of the aspects in which Matt has recognized that we must improve and much still. This issue and that of internationalization have been present in many of the issues.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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