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I do not know if you'll remember that a long time ago there were a number of plugins that allowed to show next to WordPress comments The mentions on Twitter to your entries .

Unfortunately most of them stopped working overnight.

Guilty ?, Well curiously the same Twitter then acquired the service that allowed this virguería, called Backtype and the functionality stopped being available.

It is true that there are several options to show the tweets that talk about your tickets how Disqus, which has this possibility, but if you do not use this type of substitution services for native WordPress comments it seemed that there were no options.

And if there is, I have at least found a couple of them.

] On the one hand there is a p Very recent lugin, called, very appropriately, Twitter mentions in posts which does exactly what I say: show the tweets that speak of your post at the end of the comments .

Its operation is very simple, because you just have to activate it and every hour shows the tweets of the recent entries although for older articles it may take a few days to show them all.

Also, if you do not like the default site where they appear, or want to show them in some particular place, you can add this code in the place where you want them to appear :

Another plugin that also adds us this utility is Mentions as comments

Twitter mentions as comments • WordPress Help

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