How to fight spam

Although from time to time the bands of spammers receive a setback from the security forces, it is such a round business that for every mafia that they imprison in jail, 10 more appear wanting fast income offering the last pharmaceutical wonder or promoting services of any kind in your site.

Well, to defend against spam we have multiple tools, which I compiled here to the delight of the respectable:

Oh, if you know some other method share it in the comments, this it's almost a public service.

Antispam Bee


If you already know Akismet (who does not), Bad Behavior or Spam Karma it's about time you try the latest WordPress anti-spam plugin: Antispam Bee .

According to his own description its virtues are these:

  • Fast: you activate it and you're done
  • Spam can be marked or deleted instantly [19659005] Does not save data in the database so there are no connections (I wonder where do you store it?)
  • Ready for WordPress 2.7, both in design and technical aspects
  • Very fast execution
  • No you have to modify templates
  • Clean data after uninstalling the plugin
  • Anonymous and independent (with this claim to distance yourself from Akismet, but guarantees?)

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