Where is WordPress.com hosted? • WordPress Help

Among the details that have been commented this morning on WordCamp Spain and questions from the attendees at José Fontainhas is the fact that WordPress.com ]the reference in terms of load support, with more than 8 million blogs created, is housed in a structure of 1,200 dedicated servers, of which 230 are exclusively for databases.

They also rely on the plugin WP Supercache BatCache (at the server level) and own scripts to support the load.

I know this data will please you for the awesomeness.

Batcache, new cache plugin on scene

Andy Skelton a developer well known to all WordPress buffs just published a cache plugin that enters the competition of WP-Cache SuperCache and others.

Batcache is not as exhaustive as SuperCache but it serves as leftovers for large temporary traffic flows, avoiding CPU overload and too many requests to the database and , consequently, avoiding problems with your hosting provider.

What this plugin does is serve pages with a few minutes old to your readers so that does not recharge the blog to each new visit . Maybe the recent visitor does not see a very new comment but when he participates, he will refresh the page. With this you get a much faster load of the blog since there is a very high percentage of pages that are served that are old, stored in memory (Memcached). Actually this is how most cache plugins work, but with some difference that I detail right away.

One Batcache difference with the rest is that, still, has no configuration page that allows you to remove from the cache the home page or comments (usual in the other plugins), but this also makes it easier to use. But what distinguishes him most is that does not use a file-based cache – the rest store html versions of your pages – but the memory cache not requiring disk space. This can be a great virtue as there are hosting servers that do not get along with the cahe plugins that require storage folders with write permissions.

In any case it may be worth it download it test and see if it really speeds up the load of a blog so much.