BuddyPress 1.6 will require WordPress 3.4

If you are a user of BuddyPress the plugin that converts WordPress into a complete community with functions of social network, forums and messaging, you should know that in the list of changes is reflected that will require WordPress 3.4 .

So if you plan to upgrade to BuddyPress 1.6 when it is available before check that your theme and other plugins are compatible with WordPress 3.4 before to update to the new version of BuddyPress.

To the new version it looks good little so do not miss out on all news of BuddyPress 1.6 like privacy in profiles, integration with Akismet, incorporation of bbPress 2.0 and more, or WordPress 3.4 and go testing

bbPress 2.0.1

If you have already upgraded from bbPress 1.x to version 2.0, the plugin version, you already have the first update: bbPress 2.0.1 . The update itself is tremendously simple, because now you update like any other plugin, from the desktop, "WordPress style".

What this version introduces, what maintenance they are called, is to avoid that, if you have active the option of that anonymous users publish, that they can not edit or answer without accessing. Come on, which is a must-have update if you use bbPress 2.0.

bbPress 2.0, beta 3

Oops, that's it!

The beta 3 of the bbPress 2.0 plugin is here, with the following new features since the previous beta:

  • Integration with Akismet
  • Improvements in the answers from within wp-admin
  • Improvements in the links of notice of answers
  • Improvements in the inconsistent behavior of the links of navigation
  • Solution to some problems of compatibility with topics
  • Solution to conflicts between files and page
  • Improvements in the support of "ugly" permanent links
  • Improvements in the importer
  • Improvements in the multisite support
  • Improved the theme, shortcodes and parts of templates
  • Added file humans.txt
  • Added empty files index.php to avoid intrusions
  • Added maximum length to threads issues (by default 80 characters)
  • Added shortcodes for access forms, registration and lost password a
  • Added an adequate handling of the redirection to threads and responses, allowing them to be placed almost anywhere
  • Added warnings of permanent link problems if there is a conflict of URLs

If you dare to try it you can download here .

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bbPress 2.0 beta 2 that arrives, that arrives! • WordPress Help

Oh, this is burning. Well it was not hours ago that he announced beta 1 of bbPress 2.0 and we already have here beta2 ?, and with many new features, namely:

If you dare to try it you can download it here . These days more than WordPress Help this seems Help bbPress, and so happy that I am.

FAQ bbPress 2.x (plugin) • WordPress Help

Still do not dare to try bbPress 2.x ?, because surely this list of questions and answers (FAQ) will help you decide. It has been created by John J. Jacoby and it is a good starting point:

Where can I disarm it?
1. From the plugin installer of your WordPress
2. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bbpress/

Where can I report errors?
1. http://bbpress.org/forums/ (use the tag 'bbpress-plugin')
2. http://bbpress.trac.wordpress.org

Where can I report a security vulnerability?
1. http://wordpress.org/about/contact/
2. jjj on #bbpress in the IRC freenode

Where can I ask support questions?
Use the official forums (in English) or those of WordPress Help

Will it be integrated with BuddyPress? ?
Not yet, but it does not conflict with your existing theme or data

You can not see the forums and threads in my theme!
Re-save your permanent links

Is there any bbPress 1.x forum importer?
You are in it, but it is still in the testing phase. Go ahead and try it and report the errors.

Where is the documentation?

In the same code of the plugin at the moment. It does not make much sense to create documentation for a version still in evidence, still subject to changes. There will soon be a codex from bbPress.

Why can not I publish videos as normal admin?
Admin accounts in WordPress have extra capabilities that allow them to publish all kinds of content, and bbPress is now part of WordPress and inherits these capabilities.

What will happen to bbPress 1.x?
For the time being it will continue to be maintained but its future development will be frozen, so do not expect new features in bbPress 1.x. [19659003] Can the bbPress 2.0 Beta plugin be installed without WordPress?
No. bbPress 2.0 is a plugin for WordPress.

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