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Today there was a problem in a multisite blog network where there are many editors, and not all experts in SEO or broadcast on social networks. The issue is that sometimes write very long entry titles that then there is no plugin to share on Twitter that is able to manage properly.

After trying several plugins of the best, namely: IC besocial , Social Sharing Widget, JetPack, among others, none offered the perfect solution.

No one fits perfectly to the problem of the 140 characters of Twitter because if the title is too long you will find 2 Problems:

  1. The plugin adds to the dialog box the whole title and the URL, with what is passed from the acceptable characters for Twitter
     share twitter too long
  2. The plugin automatically shortens the title, with points suspensivos, something unacceptable because semantically contributes nothing.
     share twitter shortened by jetpack

What is the problem ?, because there is not enough artificial intelligence to stop a human being or has a measure when it comes to holding your publications .

So, is there a solution? …

Yes, but applying social engineering, that is, avoiding that the problem is generated, that is, avoiding the publication of entries with titles that are too long .

So, once chosen a plugin that shorten the URLs by integration with services like, it only remained to install a wonderful plugin: Limit to post title to X Characters with a name of the clearest, something to be grateful for. [19659004] You only have to install it and adjust the maximum allowed characters, where you can also choose because the administrator does not have that limitation (not recommended). You save the changes and that's it.
 settings limit characters wordpress titles

When you're going to publish a new post you'll see a new meta box next to the editor, which shows a character counter of the title, and if you happen 2 things happen:

  • The counter is red and crossed out once your title exceeds the maximum characters defined in the plugin settings, so you know you have passed characters.
     counter title wordpress [19659019] If you insist on wanting to publish the post with the very long title, a wonderful error message will prevent it. <br /><a href= window error title wordpress

What was said, perfect .

NOTICE ]: This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you: in WordPress

I've been testing a little plugin wonder on my personal blog for a few days, offering shortened links through the service of .

Once the plugin is installed, it is called WP you just have to go through the configuration page to add the data of your account, and if you do not have it, this is the moment. You just have to enter your username and the API key you will find here .

The next thing is to press – without fear – the button called "Get shortlinks" and, after a wait that will depend on how many published, if you go to your account you will see that a lot of links have been created (here my example ), one for each published entry, that you can easily share … and short, also to follow the statistics of each link, one of the great virtues of

Not only that, but also in the editor, in the button "Get short link", you will have the link shortened by . Come on, great.

Do you want more ?, then you can use the shortcode of the plugin to show the short links in your posts and thus make it easier for people to share them. You can do it in two ways …