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Bitcoin is for some the currency of the new economy because, more than a virtual currency (bitcoins) supposes a new way of creating, managing and investing in values, in this case based on agreed consensus, there is nothing.

Beyond what it is Bitcoin and if you have interest I recommend this that I wrote about what is and how Bitcoin works if you are already immersed in this type of transactions and want to manage them from WordPress here are a few plugins that can help you:

Coin ticket ]: Add a widget that shows the quote of the bitcoins from MtGox, BTCe, BTC-China, BitStamp and Bitcoin Average, with price evolution graphs and risk and bid analysis.

Bitcoin price ticket [19659006]: Similar to the previous one, it offers a sidebar widget in which to view the prices from the main bitcoins operators.

 Widget price ticker

Widget price ticker

Bitmonet : Full payment system for open source content in which you can use Paypal, credit cards, tweet to see and, of course, bitcoins.

Bitcoins payments for Woocommerce ]: If you use the fantastic WooCommerce electronic store plugin you can add the possibility of paying for your articles by bitcoins with this plugin that adds this currency.

 Payment with bitcoins in WooCommerce

Payment with bitcoins in WooCommerce

WordPress Bitcoin : Payment gateway using bitcoins for WordPress.

Bitcoin meta tags : With this plugin you add a new option to the WordPress general settings. to put your Bitcoin address. This places your address in meta tags hidden from the header of your site, which allows browser extensions to detect your Bitcoin address and allow visitors to use them to donate to your website using bitcoins.

Bitcoin calculator : Widget to offer in your site the current change of bitcoins to the rest of habitual currencies.

 Calculator bit coins

Calculator bitcoins

Coinbase : It allows to add the payment by means of Bitcoins to your site through widget or shortcode

Bitcoins for Easy Digital Downloads : Plugin that adds the possibility of payments with bitcoins to the popular plugin for download management and content

Bitcoin donation button : Simple plugin to add a donation button that accepts bitcoins.

Well, they are the best thing to use right now [1] 9459010] bitcoins in WordPress and each one that gives it the use it considers, that I do not know if you will use bitcoins is that correct?

NOTICE : this post is two years ago years or more If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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