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As it seems that the development of Blicki is more dead than alive, the people of Instinct have created a plugin for Wiki for WordPress . So you will not need in many cases to use integrations of WordPress and MediaWiki for example.

If you install this plugin you can add the possibility of assigning to a page or post of your WordPress blog the functionality of it " editable as a wiki "

To install it you do not have to do anything special, just upload it to the folder ' wp-content / plugins / ' and activate it, then you'll see the new one box that commented before. Do you dare to try it and tell us what, you can [download] here .

Blicki = Blog + Wiki what happened? • WordPress Help

In case you did not know it, blicki "was" a WordPress plugin, developed by Automattic that allowed to have Wiki features in your blog

The development is abandoned almost 3 years ago which you can check in the page of its code and although in principle it seemed to be a star product, with its own page and domain has ended up in the drawer of the abandoned software.

But of course, that's three years ago, and we're still waiting .

The plugin is still available and works perfectly with WordPress versions up to 2.3.3, and for version 2.5 (does not work with 2.5.1) a user developed a patch . [19659002] Did you know about blicki ? Have you tried it? Do you know about something similar? to use with WordPress?