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And is that the system of multiuser blogs not has as many plugins as the "normal" version of WordPress, because must be adapted not as the themes and in addition there are some security restrictions of this system that make the matter even more difficult. But everything has a solution, and after searching a bit there I found some possible solutions for insert videos in WordPress Mu . That yes, do not work on all occasions, there is no infallible formula, just a matter of trying which is best suited to your situation (server and installation type).

And that's all I've found about it. If you know any other method, it will be appreciated if you share it. It also seems that the version

DivX returns to the Web

Do you know what it looks like YouTube Blip.TV Google Video DailyMotion and company? Apparently nothing, but all have in common that they use Flash for the reproduction of the videos, that format that is already well known by all (. Flv) .

But … a few months ago the thing was not like that. Before we had Stage6 their difference between the others is that they used videos DivX for the reproduction of them. Unfortunately this service closed last February.

STOP! I forgot to tell you what difference there is between Flash and DivX : [19659011]
 4_flash We all know that the quality of YouTube is more than bad. This is because the format Flash has lower quality but in turn the size of the file is much smaller than any other, there is a very widespread format on the web. Thank God, we have other services like Blip.TV that also offer you a format Flash but with better quality.

On the other hand, DivX It is not used much on the web. Even so, I'm sure you'll see your logo on DVD players and the like; also sure you've seen in  divx-logo "src =" "width =" 166 "align =" left " border = "0" /> servers <em> P2P </em> .The advantage of this format is the great compression that is made in the video so that we get more quality with less size.Another big problem that arises if we want to use this format in a web is that the user will have to have installed a free application called <em><a href= DivX Web Player if it is true that for videos in format Flash you also have to download an application for to be able to see files Flash but this one being so widespread is practically everyone.

With that said and before continuing, we will see the same video three times but from different places. 19659027] YouTube whose file weighs 1.82 MB we will continue with [194] 59018] Blip.TV whose file weighs 3.04 MB and we'll end with a video in DivX weighing 6.85 MB . As I said, it is the same video, this means that I have uploaded the same file to the three servers.
[video_youtube_vreel] fr05ThCsYWo [/video_youtube_vreel]
[video_blip_vreel] 4Se89UwA [/video_blip_vreel]
[video_divx_vreel] [/video_divx_vreel]
And look where, if you have been careful you should have noticed that all this input comes for a new service called Vreel . As you may have heard, this service is considered the clone of Stage6 .
In the video they say that they should have opened on May 6 but for many, a lot of problems still remain closed. Even so, as in WordPress Help we are the first, we have access to the closed beta to the public of this service. With which, we will be the first in the blogosphere Hispanic to tell you all the news of this service that promises, and no doubt will help many bloggers to hang on your blog videos and want load it to a quality more than acceptable.

At the end the introduction has gone something longer than I planned, so with your permission, we will continue tomorrow with another entry and so I let you rest from reading so much, see and listen.

Video | Daily Dose Mobuzz TV (04/30/08)

Link | Vreel

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