passes its blog platform to WordPress the digital of the centennial Spanish newspaper has adopted WordPress how the content management system for its blog platform, adding to many other newspapers and companies that are betting massively on the CMS king.

We congratulate, how could it be otherwise, the decision of, and personally congratulate Antonio, who for many years is one of the leading bloggers in Spain, and who also helps spread WordPress from his personal blog and from his space on ABC.

WordPress Planet

The same you do not know (unforgivable) the project Planet WordPress a site that brings together the best articles on WordPress of blogs of great quality, all of them referents in their countries and environments.

Well, since yesterday Ayuda WordPress participates in this initiative contributing our entries to this which is perhaps the largest repository of WordPress resources in Spanish hand in hand and side by side with these other blogs:

So if you do not want to be out of touch with WordPress do not forget to visit WordPress Planet or subscribe to your feed you'll have it in your lector the best of the Hispanic blogosphere .