WordPress dominates the top 100 of blogs and keeps growing

According to the recent study by Pingdom which you can consult in its entirety here WordPress completely dominates the list of the Top 100 of blogs worldwide

In the comparative tables, in which the evolution is seen from 2009 to 2012, it can be verified that the growth of WordPess as the publishing platform chosen by the most visited and relevant blogs on the world scene

Some data of this evolution, which shows how WordPress completely dominates the Top 100 are the following:

And here the complete table of the Top 100 blogs and the publication platform that each one uses, in the order they occupy in the Technorati ranking:

So you know, you're not the only one who has chosen the winning publishing platform most of the most powerful sites that exist have also chosen WordPress . [19659002] Do we already break that " sanbenito " that WordPress is not for sites with a lot of traffic?

WordPress.com acquires Plinky to give you inspiration • WordPress Help

Automattic has acquired the suggestion service called Plinky a great way to break the writer's block in those days when you can not think of anything to write about. [19659002] For this Plinky offers a system that asks you questions of the type " how was your vacation?" "or" could you live without a car for a year? Whole? ", to put a couple of examples (real), which can encourage you to develop your next article on the blog.

Regarding the integration with WordPress, now you can already use Plinky with your WordPress blog .com or hosted. For this the process is as follows:

The truth is that I did not know the system but I loved it. Not only is it a different way to publish entries on your site, but it is also a community and a very interesting, inspirational suggestions service, which is now part of the WordPress toolbox after the acquisition by Automattic .

Move your blog from Blogger to WordPress

In this video, in English but simple to follow, you have the process of migrate your blog in Blogger / Blogspot to WordPress I hope it will help if you're still thinking about it. You have more detailed instructions in this post from Labnol .

The entry Move your blog from Blogger to WordPress published it first Fernando Tellado in Help WordPress . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

Themes WordPress to Blogger • WordPress Help

If you still have a blog in Blogger / Blogspot but you want to start taking advantage of the WordPress community and in particular the fantastic templates for this CMS exist, surely you will like the work of WordPress to Blogger, a site – hosted on Blogspot – where the creator converts templates from WordPress to Blogger in order to use them in the service of Google free blogs .

The initial choice of themes you've made is fantastic, with some of the best there is currently, like Added or ] Revolution Chrome so it's a great option for those who have not decided to make the jump to WordPress, the best free blogging software that exists today.

Where are the BlogStars hosted? • WordPress Help

In Who is hosting this? (Who is hosting this?) Have conducted an investigation to find out where the most famous blogs on the web are hosted. Starting from the list of Top 100 Technorati Blogs, they have analyzed where the 100 biggest blogs are hosted and the result is the following …

How will you see the winner – by far – is Mediatemple and, to what? do not know where is the server of WordPress Help ?. We are not in the Top 100, only in the position 863 (the Top Thousand) but we also deserved a good accommodation, specifically (in case you do not know) the DV all the advantages of a dedicated to the price of a VPS .

Striking that Blogspot and Six Apart (with Typepad ) are in such a good position, and that WordPress.com does not appear on the list, despite its VIP program which seems to have not had the success expected.

Help Blogs, the Menage of Blogging • WordPress Help

In the presentation of the service we are asked to promote articles from blogs that, in another post suggests as references on help blogs :

The service is just released and you will not find much news, but you can certainly fix that by promoting posts from WordPress Help or any of the other great blogs that are cited as required references.

See if Tensaiweb it improves a bit (plugin to suggest news, a new logo – the current one is horrible – and an interface improvement, some personalization), but the concept is great.

DashBlog, the perfect complement of Firefox for your Blog

DashBlog is a real blast from addon for Firefox Once installed from the addon page it adds functions to the Firefox browser to …

And yet that, following the assistant that opens then publish it in your blog or service. The services where you can post with DashBlog are:

Wallpapers WordPress

If you have a fever Automattic a, if you read every day Help WordPress check your blog desk every day to check the news, you think Drupal ] is a Hindu city and that Typepad is a new Microsoft gadget, then you have no solution, you are WordPressAdicto .

If so, it would be unforgivable that you do not adorn the desktop of your computer with the logo of the blog platform of your loves. Well, here you have a few images of desktop wallpaper at high resolution that will delight the user of WordPress and will be the envy of blogspoters so You are already downloading them and running them to activate them like me.

(Note: I have been writing these wallpapers for so long that I do not even know where I downloaded them from.) I have kept them in a folder. someone knows that he says it and I add the link of justice to the creator of this little marvel)

Go from Blogger to WordPress! • WordPress Help

Make no mistake, Blogspot (or Blogger) is fine for some people, and may have an important role for encourage many to blog, but are you really going to have your inspiration locked up in free hosting forever? . If you want to know what it's like to have a blog, learn to keep your space on the network and avoid being blocked because you want to Google the best thing is that you raise yourself create your own blog in a WordPress in own hosting with your own domain and total freedom of publication and maintenance.

 blooger vs. wordpress

There are many differences between Blogger.com and WordPress.com and You might be tempted to just change free hosting, but this is not what we are talking about; we talk about giving " the jump ". You can do it by following the guide that published KnxDT .

If you dare, these are the steps that you will have to carry out, only once, and you will gain the freedom total that assumes your own domain and hosting …

Step 1: Buy a domain

If you do not have a domain name yet, it's time you got it. The advantages of an own domain in front of a Blogspot URL in terms of SEO are undeniable, besides that you have your own brand / name in the network. There are many registrars and you can get your domain name for less than $ 10 a year and you spend a lot more on a single Friday afternoon. Here are some recommendations:

  • GoDaddy – It is one of the most popular registrars, not only because of the prices but because of its easy to use interface. You can have a domain for $ 7 or less, depending on the offers.
  • CDmon – It's not the cheapest but in my experience it's the best. Not only do you have the advantage that it is in Spanish but also its customer service is 11 out of 10. Any questions can be solved quickly by phone or email.
  • Ferca – It is the Spanish standard, where Many of the important blogs that you read on a daily basis are hosted. It is not the cheapest but they have a bombproof service. If you know the blog of the brothers Carrero you know who are the ones who will serve you.

The price may vary from one to another but any of the above choices is a safe value.

Step 2 : Get an accommodation

What I recommend in this regard, to make things easier, is that you choose any of the above services also for your accommodation. It will facilitate the management, migration and any change you want to make. It's the easiest thing.

  • In CDmon you have the Plan X which with PHP and MySQL you get for 45 € / year
  • In Ferca is the Plan Start SQL with more than what you need, for € 99 / year
  • In GoDaddy you can choose the Economy Plan for little more than € 31 / year

To host a WordPress blog you need very little, at least to comply with this:

  1. Disk Space – With 100 Mb you will have more than enough unless it is a fotolog or publish podcast.
  2. Transfer Rate – You can start with 1 Gb to expand "instantly" as you need more when your blog becomes popular.
  3. PHP and MySQL – It is essential to host the database of WordPress. You only need a database even if you host several blogs, but it is important that the versions of both softwares are better updated.

Step 3: Point your new domain to the hosting account

Once you have purchased your domain and hosting you have to " point" the domain name to the hosting account . To do this, in your hosting you will have the DNS in the control panel. You just have to write them down and direct your domain there. If you opted for the same service for the domain and accommodation it will be much easier or you can even ask for it to be configured for you. It takes a few hours to be available, and in this period of time you will usually see a temporary page provided by your hosting provider.

Step 4: Install WordPress

In this aspect I will not enter because we have already covered it extensively in ] several articles del blog . I recommend you review them.

Step 5: Import your Blogspot blog

Well, now what you have is an empty WordPress blog . But you have invested a lot of time in your old posts and you do not want to start from scratch, I understand. Then you will have to import your blog from Blogspot to WordPress . Fortunately WordPress has a special function for it, because it has options to import blogs from the main platforms, including Blogspot. To do this you must go to the WordPress admin panel and choose the tab of Manage -> Import .

Follow the import assistant and in a few minutes you will have all your old posts imported

Step 6: Final touches

Once you have the blog in the right condition, you should not lose the readers of the old one, so you have to redirect your visitors to the new blog. The first thing we will do is edit the HTML of your Blogspot template.

Add the following code to your template:

Between the tags head of the Blogger template also adds this:

Of course, you will have to replace http://www.tublog.com/ with the new real URL.

Now prepare your new WordPress blog to accept these redirects and direct them to the corresponding posts. For this you need to create a new file in the root folder of your WordPress blog; we'll call it redirect-blogger.php . Of course, you can name it as long as it matches the URL you defined in the Blogger template.

Add the following code to this file and save it:

<? Php
require ($ _ SERVER [’DOCUMENT_ROOT’]. '/ Wp-blog-header.php');
$ search_link = $ _GET [’p'];
$ vars = explode ('/', $ search_link);
$ num = count ($ vars) - 1;
$ filename = $ vars [$num];
$ slug = str_replace (". html", "", $ filename);
$ SQL = "SELECT posts. * FROM $ wpdb-> posts AS posts WHERE posts.post_name = '$ slug' LIMIT 1?;
$ posts = $ wpdb-> get_results ("$ SQL");
if ($ posts) {
foreach ($ posts as $ post) {
$ found_link = get_permalink ($ post-> ID);
$ found_link = "http : //www.tublog.com/ ";

Redirecting ...