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Striking the "tagline" of this book by Javier Casares on SEO (if you can use the association of tagline a subtitle), and the truth is that it does not cheat then, in addition to what we can always read in SEO blogs in the SEO reference guide the first thing that is emphasized is in that position your blog in the search engines is not difficult, you will not even need to hire a professional for it, and with this goal the book is posed: offer you a quick reference manual to position webs / blogs in search engines .

The same size of the book (A5), the clarity of the text, easily legible and the layout, facilitate the use of it as pocket manual which you can have with your computer always on hand to use your references and apply them. In 83 pages organized into 8 sections easily identifiable by bookmarks on the spine you can quickly access tricks and procedures to improve SEO .

what I liked most, apart from the content and tricks, is section 0 of the book, it is an excellent introduction to break myths and fears and, incidentally, encourage you to use yourself the positioning techniques that the book brings together Note also chapter 5.7: " How does my site see a search engine? ". Another essential section is the Dictionary of terms at the end of the book

In a clear, direct and personal language Javier will tell you the secrets of SEO ]from the most common errors, up to Cloaking (who had no idea what it was), going through very clear explanations of all the factors that affect this new quasi-science positioning almost brings you closer to to know how search engines think to understand them better and take advantage of that knowledge so that your website or blog will gain positions in the search results.

If I have to put some stick to the book is that there is a link that does not come out differentiated in boxes "code type", some more graphic to illustrate, for example, link chains and, of course, a special section for WordPress (Javier, take note). There will also be those who think that would have been better an ebook but I disagree, for these things, and more in the format in which it is made, I think the paper guide is better .

In my case, thanks to Bloguzz who facilitated the review, and Javier of OjoBuscador who sent me the book in a few days, not It cost me one euro for the book but the less than 30 euros that costs (before it was worth almost 40 but celebrate the year of publication with this discount) are a good investment. Not only is a compendium of all the relevant information for SEO but also is read at a stretch as if you were telling a friend, and that is appreciated.

It is a book that has happened to occupy a place next to my Mac and that I consult almost every day for to improve the positioning of my blogs and I look forward to publishing the second edition , although Javier told me that there is still time for that.

You know I do not recommend to recommend, and if I would not have liked it, but is a good guide it's worth buy it .

Now that I realize, almost all we have read the book and commented on the [19659018] in blogs we have done the same, show a photo of it next to our machine. It is not something trivial, it is in line with the fact that they are essential tools .

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