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The programmers who work with WordPress must be informed of the updates of the plugins that they use . The problem is that although the plugins are open source and Automattic provides a tool to examine their code no feed is provided in which it is correctly described the historical changes nor the importance of these.

To cover that gap David Martinez has created a tool called WordPress Plugin Feed that is responsible for obtaining all available information from each release of a plugin to generate a feed that allows you to stay updated without having to go to the WordPress control panel or the tab of each plugin in WordPress.org .

Also supported are a series of plugins from third parties whose source code does not is publicly available ( such as Gravity Forms Slider Revolution or WPML ) and others whose change log is not available in the public repository (such as All-In- One SEO Pack BuddyPress ).

The source code, which you can download in ZIP format, and the installation instructions you have in GitHub .

User mentions in bbPress

The plugin for creating forums, which integrates wonderfully with BuddyPress does not inherit this great functionality at the moment but, as long as it does not join the bbPress kernel or plugins appear that facilitate it, ] can be easily added by a simple function .

You just have to add the following code to the file bp-custom.php of the BuddyPress installation:

] Once you save the changes you will be able to use those nice and practical mentions to users also in the forums of your social network created with BuddyPress.

BuddyPress 2.1 incorporates important changes • WordPress Help

Just released version 2.1 of BuddyPress, with few but sufficient and important improvements.

Soon you will guess which of news is the most important for me, but these are all:

Of course, by far, in my view the best are the improvements in translations, in sync with WordPress 4.0 and for you?

Link Shield, protection against the Google Tax

 Link Shield

Next September will begin to apply the fee known as Rate Google. In what consists is that if you link a website giving some information about what is in it (summary or mention), you have to pay a fee. In the event that the fee is not paid, they could be sanctioned with a fine ranging from € 300 to € 30,000.

In theory, no Spanish page that is linked, can waive this fee , But what is the problem? That only the members of AEDE and CEDRO will share the benefits. For example, any site that copied WordPress Help, should pay that fee to AEDE and CEDRO, but the owner of WordPress Help would not see even one euro, since he is not a member of these associations. But do not forget that they are going to start with the associates, since charging them all, for everything, is sure to bring them many problems.

Next September, this new law will be put into operation if no one turns back or prevent it, which nobody knows, at that moment they will begin to look for backlinks to the associates and to send requests for the rate.

What can we do? Well, the solution is to eliminate all links to the members of these two associations, but it is clear that taking into account that there are about 86 members, it can be complicated. If you have comments open, like the vast majority, even more complicated, and if you use BuddyPress or bbPress, it is impossible to manage, since how many users may have made mentions to partner pages?

The solution goes through the use of the free plugin Link Shield . This plugin will automatically remove all the links you have to these associations in the entries, comments, BuddyPress, bbPress as in all sub sites of a WordPress Multisite installation, well, thanks to this free plugin you can save yourself a scare of thousands of euros.

The time to install and activate it, is now since the backlinks should disappear so they can not find you in September. If you wait for the implementation of the law, it may be too late.

The operation of this plugin is very simple, it is installed, it is activated and ready, no necessary configuration, although in future versions it will come with surprises. At the moment you activate it, all the links to the associates that are in entries, comments, BuddyPress activities or bbPress forums, will be deleted, please note, they will not be deleted from the database, they will not be shown. At any time you can disable this plugin and everything will remain as it was before its activation.

Remember, the no install it now and activate it, it may mean that in September you regret it or you are safe at 100 % that in any part of your site there is a link to one of those 86 websites? I would not play it.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

bbPress and BuddyPress are updated to WordPress 3.8

It has not taken long for to update bbPress and BuddyPress for full compatibility with WordPress 3.8, so that everything works and flows naturally and perfectly.

bbPress the plugin for create forums in WordPress has updated version 2.5 so that it has full compatibility with the new features of WordPress 3.8, without affecting the normal operation of the plugin.

For its part, BuddyPress has also updated the version 1.8 to be compatible with WordPress 3.8, but yesterday there has been a major innovation, and has already released the version 1.9 with important developments, which I take to summarize:

In both cases, it is highly recommended update to have the best.

bbPress 2.4 next week with interesting news

 logo bbpress The plugin to create a community of forums in WordPress, bbPress, will come to version 2.4 next week and will incorporate some more interesting news.

Right now is already available the first RC version ( release candidate ) of bbPress 2.4, which is important to test to review any possible failure and notify before the final version.

The fundamental novelty that bbPress 2.4 will incorporate is the incorporation of hierarchical, nested responses allowing you to choose between viewing responses by pages or nested, similar to WordPress comments.

It's a really interesting review, which does not you must let pass once the definitive version is available.

BuddyPress 1.8 incorporates great integration improvements • WordPress Help

Just released version 1.8 of BuddyPress the plugin that automatically converts WordPress into a complete social network, and although not so long ago since version 1.7 important have been incorporated improvements .

Note: this entry contains affiliate links for which the author can charge commissions for each sale.

One of the most relevant improvements and we would appreciate the administrators and users is the integration with the WordPres themes s that, although it has improved lately, it is not perfect yet.

In the first tests that I have done there is still no way to integrate well with the wonderful designs of Elegant Themes but something has improved. I have tried several issues in which before it was pasted of milks the CSS of the subject with the one of BuddyPress and now it has improved much its aspect .

This is because has greatly reduced the CSS that applies BuddyPress which inherits the styles from the stylesheet of the active theme much better. He still has a little bit of travel but we must admit that he has improved a lot.

Another relevant improvement is the one referring to a new functionality in the file hierarchy for the specific BuddyPress themes which will be grateful developers of these themes.

You can now update from your WordPress Desktop.

Hashtags in WordPress • WordPress Help

In WordPress we have everything, so do not be blinded by the great news that Facebook has hashtags just like Twitter because in WordPress has been around for a while now use of hashtags .

The use of #hashtags within WordPress how one more element of your file ecosystem has many advantages, especially how a way to agglutinate thematic in a way that socially (or especially) social network users find it easy to find related content on your website.

WP Symposium, another way to convert WordPress into a social network

Besides the megaplugin BuddyPress and its bestial integration that converts WordPress into a complete social network we recently saw that there is another system to do practically the same thing, on that occasion with some lack , with Mingle . Well, they are not the only options for having a social network with WordPress.

WP Symposium is a plugin that also adds social network functions to WordPress and that, like Mingle, you can also improve with other specific plugins for the, how Toolbar to manage the social bar or Blog post to have a blog dedicated to your social network.

Then, in addition to the ] free version and GPL you can add payment options that carry your functionalities to infinity.

The counterpart of WP Symposium versus Mingle is that has as many adjustments that configure that intimidates something at the beginning also lacking a simple assistant like BuddyPress, but its possibilities are huge so it's an option that you should not rule out.

bbPress 2.3

The plugin for creating forums in WordPress, bbPress has just been updated to version 2.3, with hundreds of solutions to failures and a significant number of improvements, enough to contemplate the change of version, especially if you use BuddyPress.

It is not a full age majority, at least how I would like it, but important developments and improvements are important