Return comments from Google Buzz to your blog

And look where it turns out that there is also a solution for this, we do not know if Google will kill Buzz as it has done with Wave but for the moment we will retrieve the comments, so it can happen. [19659002] So if you want to prevent the conversation about your posts from getting scattered, also at Google Buzz you can retrieve the comments that people make about your entries in Buzz.

You just have to install ] Buzz Comments a plugin that also works as Backtype connect but retrieving the comments from Google Buzz and showing them on our site, with a small indication of the source, with link to the "buzz".

Little has to be done to make it work, only have Gooble Buzz activated in your GMail account logically, and that your site is in the list of Google Buzz but if there is also no option for the same plugin to connect it.

What's the cool? At this rate we will soon have managed to return the comments to our blogs 😉

Send to Google Buzz from WordPress

You will know what the service of the week is, and probably of the year. Google Buzz is called to be the big competition of services like Twitter, Foursquare or Friendfeed, so we better be prepared.

Add to your site a link to share in Buzz ] is very simple, you just have to add the following code in the file single.php page.php index.php or wherever you want it to appear:

Yahoo Buzz – WordPress plugin

A few hours after the release of the new social network Yahoo Buzz a site like Digg or menéame where you can ] promote your stories so that, with luck, they get to the cover of, not already Buzz but of the same Yahoo homepage there is already a plugin to be able to vote for your blog posts and appearing in Yahoo Buzz .

The plugin WPBuzz developed by Travis Johnson even before the publication opened of Yahoo Buzz it is very easy to install – like any other, and also has options page for you to configure it to your liking.

Do not want to install more plugins? ]well, there's no problem either. In the page of Yahoo Buzz have enabled a good amount of buttons so you can socialize your posts by simply choosing the code to include in your template (usually in single.php ), and that you can see right here at the end of each article.