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Let's see, you read correctly: "WordPress as Calendar", and not "Calendar in WordPress", that about that we talked about a while ago . This time I'm talking about using WordPress as a calendar, showing your entries in a calendar, each one in its day.

This is what it offers WP Calendar a plugin mix and theme that offers a different design, for a specialized use, so that your posts are shown as if they were annotated in the calendar, really interesting and interesting, out of the ordinary.

Of course, it is a peculiar use, but for you to see that with WordPress you can cover all kinds of designs, aspects, uses, functionalities.

Here you have the demo or if you want some images of this peculiar calendar …

Calendar for WordPress • WordPress Help

Kieran O'Shea has published a Calendar for WordPress in the form of a plugin. It is very similar to the Google calendar that you can embed in your blog except that any modification to it is done from the same WordPress administration panel.

The plugin shows a full monthly calendar (there is no option to put it in weekly or daily yet) with all the events shown on each day. When a reader hovers the cursor over an event the full description is displayed.

If you like the calendar you can download it in this link or see how it works in the blog of the author .

Great! a fantastic plugin.