How to use custom fields guide • WordPress Help

InfectedFX has taken its new stage with force, and today we are surprised with a tutorial very well explained from how to use custom fields (or custom fields) in WordPress , with a couple of very simple and easy to apply practical examples. Do not miss it.

Choose the sidebar … in each post • WordPress Help

The first thing is to open the file single.php or page.php of your active template (theme) and find the call to the function get_sidebar () this:

From this moment, when you're writing a related article, let's say, with software, and if you have a sidebar with the latest news or software downloads you've called ' barra_software .php ', you only have to add a custom field with the name " sidebar " and as a value you put the name of the bar without the extension, in this example it would be " barra_software. "

That sidebar will be shown in that entry.

Advanced Uses of Custom Fields • WordPress Help

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