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If you have listened recently to Matt and the rest of the WordPress developers, you will have heard about the canonical plugins but what are they? .

To finish shaping the concept , in the post they propose a series of possible names, in case the "canonical" does not end up being sufficiently clear and "human". At the moment the possible ideas would be these:

Which one seems better to you? and, what is more important, do you think this kind of plugins with a guarantee seal is a good idea? To me yes, I consider it a great idea, almost a necessity.

Duplicate content on comment pages

If you're concerned about duplicate content, specifically with links to comments generated by WordPress of type / # comment_number thinking that it could be interpreted as duplicate content of there is a fairly simple solution to indicate to searchers that that page is not duplicate content.

You only have to modify the file functions.php of your active theme and add the following lines:

In this way, when your readers navigate to the first page of comments the variable $ cpage contains the page # that is being displayed. The variable $ post contains all the information of the post. The function tries to see if we are on a page where there is more than one comment, and if so modify the characters .

It's the line add_action which tells WordPress that when it loads the header (' wp-head '), add our special function called 'canonical_in_comments' and modify the links and add the canonical relation .

Avoid Duplicate Content • WordPress Help

What you do with this tag admitted by the search engines of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, is that it prevents them from identifying the different ways of reaching the content of your blog as duplicate content (chronological files) , internal permalinks, etc). This attribute will always return the original URL, and it works – manually – like this:

These attributes should be placed on each page where access to that content can be identified as duplicate content. But there are simpler ways to get it:

So you know, whether or not you're crazy about SEO, use one of these methods to avoid duplicate content, it's easy and fast, it does not hurt anything.