Template in Spanish – Carrington Blog 2.0

Well, the promised thing is debt, and I have completely translated (buttons included) the wonderful theme Carrington Blog 2.0 that virginity that proposes a whole new way of organizing WordPress themes.

its main features are:

  • Uploading comments via AJAX on post page and cover page
  • Lightbox for galleries
  • Fully compatible with advanced WordPress 2.7 features (nested comments, pagination, avatars, etc.)
  • Configuration page for changing colors, background, etc.
  • … more

Here are the links you're waiting for …



Demo (in Spanish)


[download id=”57″]

Enjoy it! I'm testing it on my own personal blog.

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Carrington Blog Theme 2.0

The version 2.0 of the theme Carrington Blog a new WordPress theme development concept that I have already spoken of on other occasions, has just come to light

. version there are countless improvements such as nested comments, Lightbox, personalization of colors, simple change of header image, and much more.

If you want to enjoy this wonderful theme, in its many varieties here you have download links:

I'm already testing this version (and translating it) and I'm loving it, it's certainly a very elegant and well-designed theme.

Carrington Theme – Presentation in WordCamp Denver

That you do not know yet the Carrington Theme the new concept of WordPress themes ?. Well, I forgive you for not having read the previous articles and here is the presentation of the concept Alex King in WordCamp Denver

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