multilanguage newsletter, with editor, customizable and totally free

Alerts me Carles Reverter of the launch of his WordPress plugin to create newsletters with a multitude of possibilities, of totally professional features and, what's better, totally free .

The only bad thing about this plugin is that … in what little I've been trying it I have not seen anything better it hooks. [19659003] And is that if you take a look at its features the list is impressive:

  • Widget for subscriptions
  • Personalization of the newsletter
  • Possibility to create your own templates ( tutorial here ).
  • Multilanguage : recognizes the language of the WordPress site automatically, compatible with WPML and qTranslate .
  • Segmentation of subscribers by language and in different lists of co
  • automated newsletters ( tutorial here )
  • Support for shipments SMTP .
  • Total control of deferred shipments, with pause, start, end, error logs and resends.
  • Support for CRON and Cron emulation via JavaScript.
  • Personalization of all messages to users, in any installed language.
  • Multilingual Admininstration : English, German, French, Italian, and of course Spanish and Catalan.
  • Subscription, cancellation and confirmation of automated subscribers .
  • Assistant of simple import that interprets any order of columns and coding of .CSV files.
  • Statistics : Subscriptions, cancellations, newsletter submissions, user clicks, reading problems, etc.
  • Free and without limitation n some .

Then, use the plugin, although like everything good it costs a bit to know all its possibilities, it is really very simple, as shown in this video …

The plugin can be installed from the same WordPress because is in the official repository and for any questions and more information there is a very complete dedicated web with videos, captures and guides to use it and take advantage of all its characteristics.

The truth is that is very complete I have installed it in a test site – because right now I have no real need to use something like that – and it is amazing since is a product of totally professional quality and to have something of this level without cost is a real luxury.

I do not know what your growth plan will be, but at the moment the model of business is to offer customized templates what That seems to me a success because the plugin is tremendously good.

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

WPLangs ¿Ejto ej ej ej ej? • WordPress Help

One finds all kinds of things out there and sometimes does not know how to rate them. Today, testing a new search engine, I find a site called WPLangs where "WordPress in your language" is offered. Up there well …

Really, it's not bad slob, I just do not understand this kind of "projects" without meaning or explanation beyond link farms, domainers and Pagerank crossover. I would appreciate someone explaining it to me. I would love to support the project but what does it contribute?

Could someone say: "you have several translations in one place", but neither is it true or necessary. It is not true because each translation is still in a subdomain (,, etc) as in, and it is not necessary either because if you visit recognizes your browser and offers you the download in your language.

In short, a pity, or disappointment, because the idea is good but the development does not convince me.

WordPress Spain

Grata, although curious surprise that I take today when discovering a novelty that affects us all users of WordPress in Spanish .

If you access the download page of the latest version of WordPress you will find a notice informing you that the WordPress download is available in Spanish ]

Well, the aforementioned link takes you to page to which they have had a good call WordPress Spain and in which the only thing you could find, but no less interesting, is the usual WordPress information and a download link to a full version of WordPress 2.5.1 in Spanish of Spain .

Do not wait for more themes or plugins co mo in the pack WordPress Spanish Distro Plus that we edit, but the basic installation of WordPress a file wp-config with the messages in Spanish and the folder languages ​​with the corresponding translation file .

The project, and surely the translation, seems to be made by Txanny (curious that his blog has a version in English and in Catalan but not in Spanish), which has opened a group in Google Groups and it seems that it is also immersed in the translation of WordPress into Catalan . The translation is very similar to by David Carrero so if you know and use it you will find yourself in a familiar environment (Tablet, Manage, etc.)

So you already know, from today (if nobody gets me out of my error) is available, and hopefully future versions too, WordPress Spain with updated versions of WordPress in Spanish .

Thanks by the notice Lolete

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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Multilanguage blogs in the easiest way • WordPress Help

There are several occasions when you may need to create content multilingual in your blog. Let's say you have a blog in Catalan but you also want to offer content in Spanish or you live in Texas and want to have your articles highlighted in English and Spanish, or maybe your blog is a portal for visitors of several languages ​​.

And yes, already we have commented how to use the online translators to integrate them into your blog and offer your content in other languages. But nobody escapes that the translations of Google or Altavista leave sooooooo to be desired.

Ea, we already have the definitive way of offer your blog in several languages ​​. It is a plugin that offers you a PERFECT integration of the languages ​​of your content. The process is the following:

Then you have many options to add the plugin to your sidebar or integrate it into your blog in different ways. It is not the typical plugind and install and "pull p'alante" but the result is perfect.

Do not forget to review the complete documentation of the plugin to know all its possibilities and some incompatibility (do not activate the cache in wp-config, for example).

WordPress catalá • WordPress Help

When we started this blog Guillermo and a server was largely to try to offer resources and sufficient WordPress information in Spanish in the absence of unified material in a single site in our language common.

That is why we not only understand, but we support the project of Jordi Sanchez and Marc Riera who, since WordPressCat are taking WordPress to users of the Catalan language .

And not only are they creating and / or translating great posts and tutorials in Catalan but they also translate themes and plugins to facilitate the life of its readers. Also, in the near future they plan to start a support forum, I suppose that it happened as happened to us, in order to help more WordPress users.

I wish you much success and you know, Jordi and Marc (who knows that you visit us), that you can count on our help for whatever is necessary. At the moment I made this logo splash, that you have up in GIF, and that you can also download from here in PSD format of Photoshop if you want to use it or improve it.