WordCamp Chile 2010

Today, when I was reading about the WordCamp Chile I thought if our Chilean friends would have strength, after the earthquakes that they still ravage their beautiful country, to set up an event about WordPress, but then, thinking about it, I realized that if something has distinguished Chilean civil society is in its boldness, in looking forward, in working and doing pain honor (Force Chile!)

Well, sorry for this emotional introduction, but I'm excited when a country knows how to join forces in the face of adversity, and Chile is being a great example of that. What was going …

Li Chong tells us in the forum that is already underway WordCamp Chile 2010 with its official page and up to Twitter account to follow the updates, and is scheduled for May 8 in Santiago, Chile. It already has companies that support the event and only lack sponsors, which is always an opportunity, and we all sign up if we can go (I got something retired but if I get someone to help me with the travel expenses I would love it).

Well, that, congratulations on the event !, we hope news and that the WordCamp comes out great, how can it be otherwise.

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