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You know that you do not always agree with the owner of an article, and in the current dictatorship of the incumbents we can not miss any opportunity to that our content is shared on social networks and attract traffic to our website .

Because choosing a good owner is essential to attract potential readers, but what if we do not succeed?

When someone shares our posts on social networks, the title of our post or page is automatically used, and if we have not come up with the phrase that will attract enough attention we will lose a potential major audience of networks like Twitter or Facebook .

Sometimes we even have better phrases within the content we have created, then why not facilitate the option of sharing our articles using those phrases or quotes? That's the idea .

For this there are some plugins that will help us with this work, of which I have selected the ones I understand are more interesting. Then you use the one that best suits what you're looking for.

It's simple but most effective, and it does not require any effort. Just activate it and it works.

What this plugin offers is that the reader, selecting any sentence of an article, can send our content to Twitter, so that the title is the chosen phrase, and of course with the link to our publication

 quote tweet


I love it! This improves the previous one because it offers to share both phrases that select your readers as well as the texts with quotation format.

In addition, you can choose if you want the two features or only one in the plugin settings, which are integrated into the page of Settings -> Comments .

 quotable settings

As an added bonus, it adds to the tweet as hashtags tags of the article in question.

Just great. If you want you can try it on my personal blog .

This is a bit different, and it is based on the creation of quotes from the WordPress editor. What it does is show along with the highlighted text as a quote some icons to share the phrase highlighted on Twitter and Facebook.

Very practical if you often use the appointment format a lot to highlight phrases in your articles.

The bad thing is that use your own code, because when you insert the quote, either from the button or through the shortcode you acquire a servitude with the plugin for the remains. Piénsatelo

 pushquote wordpress

Here we find a slightly more convoluted version of the previous one, although you may find it more versatile. What it does is offer the insertion of special texts that we want to offer to share, independently of the text of the article. It can be used to highlight phrases, whether they appear in the original content or not.

For this the plugin uses two methods: button in the editor and shortcode . You simply write the phrase you want to offer in your text to be shared on Twitter and the plugin will take care of showing it in your content.

What you get is something like this:

 better clic to tweet

If you choose to use the shortcode, it would be like this:

Personally I do not like the fact that it depends on your own code, because you know, you marry him forever, so my recommendation would be to use any other one of those do not require shortcode but if you like ahead, yourself.

Which one is better?

It depends. If you want to offer phrases of your content on Twitter and Facebook logically your option is Pushquote with the exception that the use of your own code binds you to use it since its deactivation or change of plugin would leave many entries with useless code.

And if you only want to offer share your famous quotes on Twitter the winning option is clearly Quotable which you can also leave when you want and do not leave " remains "

I have not found one like Quotable that also allows sharing on Facebook or other networks, so if you know it, you tell us and instantly we put it as the absolute winner.

NOTICE ]: This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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That may also help you:

Quotes from your posts that can be shared • WordPress Help

Because how would you feel that in those quotes there were social icons to share them? . In this way readers can share on their favorite networks, at the moment only Twitter and Facebook not only the headline of your article but the text of your highlighted quotes.

Personally I think is a great idea because in quotations usually try to summarize the relevance of a text, so they are perfect elements to share them .

If you dare, you just have to install the plugin ] Pushquote and use the button that you add to the WordPress editor, or use the shortcodes it offers. Simply select a text, press the pushquote icon and it will appear cited in your post once it is published.
 pushquote icon

At the moment of clicking on the icon you are offered to place the appointment on the right or left of the text.
 pushquote selected text icon

In the end what you get is expected, and if you want it to have another aspect you will have to edit the CSS by default of the plugin, that's it question of tastes, but work works very well and is a very interesting idea .
 pushquote cited text