Is SiteGround the best WordPress hosting?

As you already know, Help WordPress is hosted on SiteGround for a few months, and although I had read a lot I have to say I already know because SiteGround is always the best hosting for WordPress .

And that's when we talk about WordPress hosting it's not just complying with the recommended requirements for WordPress which also, but more features and services that the WordPress user should not only expect but require from their hosting provider :

  1. Commitment to WordPress and their community
  2. Specific tools WordPress
  3. Support in Spanish specialized in WordPress, plugins and themes
  4. Maximum security for WordPress
  5. Complete backups and easy restoration
  6. Optimization of performance and speed for WordP ress
  7. Tools for WordPress developers
  8. Free migrations to WordPress
  9. Installations to the latest version of WordPress in Spanish at a click
  10. Good value for money / benefits

Does SiteGround comply with these requirements? ? Let's do a review …

1. Commitment to WordPress and its community

 siteground wordcamp wordpress 4

One of the values ​​that clearly differentiate SiteGround from other hosting companies is that they not only offer WordPress products, that anybody can do it simply putting a self-installer, but REALLY are committed to WordPress and its community .

Not only are there SiteGround technicians who collaborate and contribute to the WordPress kernel code supports all kinds of WordPress events around the world .

It is common to find them in WordCamps and Meetups, not only as sponsors but also participating as volunteers in the organization.

2. WordPress-specific tools

There are many hosting companies that offer a WordPress package but how many hosting companies really include WordPress-specific tools?

 wordpress siteground tools

In the SiteGround plans the commitment to WordPress includes a good amount of WordPress-specific tools :

  • Restart administrator password
  • Secure administrator panel
  • Repair permissions of files and folders automatically
  • Change of website domain
  • Move installation
  • SSL certificate configuration
  • Delete installation of WordPress
  • Included WordPress themes
  • Automatic installation of plugins Limit Login Attempts, SuperCacher and Clef Secure PasswordLess Login
  • One-click activation of CloudFlare
  • Automatic updates Full or partial WordPress

3. Support in Spanish specialized in WordPress, plugins and themes

This is perhaps one of the main handicaps of hosting companies that even today many of them do not offer support for applications that they themselves they offer you to install.

It is something that I will never understand, why they attend to you without problem and they help you to configure the email in your desktop application and yet they decline any responsibility and specialized support in a web application that they help you to install on their own servers.

 support siteground

In SiteGround this they have it well assumed, and not only attend you immediately to WordPress queries but also about plugins and themes and best of all is that you know WordPress notes, because the person who takes your phone already solves the problem in a matter of minutes .

Incidentally, to see if they learn the rest of hosting companies, not just WordPress hosting, and they put a free phone to answer queries, not just the typical chat rooms and tickets by email.

There's nothing like having a free 900 line and not having to watch the clock or have a scare on the phone bill with the blissful numbers 902 and worse. In SiteGround you call 900.838.543 and there are no surprises.

It's better for advanced users, a ticket query is better, with written instructions, but for the new user there's nothing like someone who helps you directly, I listened to you and solved the problem.

4. Maximum security for WordPress

One in four websites is created with WordPress and the result of this success is also the interest of hackers in sneaking into your website, so hosting companies should offer specific solutions for WordPress in addition to the usual for all types of accommodations.

In SiteGround they take it seriously, through very specific security measures :

  • Technology isolation of a single account, so that a problem in an insecure installation does not affect the rest, something vital in shared hosting.
  • Latest secure versions of the server software, such as PHP, MySQL, Apache and Nginx.
  • versions of PHP to a click, even to PHP 7.
  • Automatic updates of the WordPress kernel and even plugins.
  • Anticipation of unsafe scripts updates, applying proprietary solutions to vulnerabilidade Known s.
  • Daily backups.
  • Mod_security specific rules for WordPress.
  • WordPress secure installations:
    1. The WordPress user of the automatic installer is never admin
    2. Automatic generation, different from always wp_ of the prefixes of the database in the automatic installer.
    3. Automatic generation of secure keys in the automatic installer.
    4. Default installation of Limit Login Attempts (to prevent brute force attacks to the access screen of WordPress) and Clef Secure PasswordLess Login (access to the WordPress admin from the mobile and disabling access through the username / password combination)

5. Complete backups and easy restoration

 security siteground wordpress

A basic of any WordPress hosting plan is that it offers a simple system to make and restore copies of security.

It is worthwhile that you can always install a plugin but normally they require a lot of resources of your server so the most complete and safe backups at the time of a restoration are those of hosting .

SiteGround fully meets this requirement through daily backups, which in the case of GrowBig and GoGeek plans are maintained for a full month, with what you have 30 backup copies available to restore if necessary .

6. Optimization of performance and speed for WordPress

At the moment a slow web is not conceived, the user leaves any site that takes more than 3 seconds to load completely, and most of them think about it from the first second, so it is essential to have an optimized hosting, especially for WordPress .

Any CMS, and WordPress is, requires a series of requests to the database and cross-data confirmation to show all the content of your website. It is the price to pay for offering dynamic content, and your hosting must be aware of it and take action.

 siteground servers

In the case of SiteGround address these needs through a series of measures that help your web load faster, without you having to be a WPO expert (Web Performance Optimization):

 uptime comparative siteground others

  • Dataservers on 3 continents, spread across London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Singapore, to ensure the fastest delivery from the server closest to your visitors.
  • SiteGround is a partner of CloudFlare, the well-known CDN (content delivery network) with which you can offer your content in an ultra-fast way through servers of high quality and performance, and best of all, it is a free service already 1 click on SiteGround, with some extra like Railgun, a specific utility that improves the performance of your site if it is hosted on SiteGround and with active CloudFlare.
  • Content optimization using MIME type compression.
  • Google PageSpeed ​​activated a Click
  • Automatic minimization and at will of CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
  • Exclusive SiteGround SuperCacher plugin, which allows static, dynamic and memcached content caching, to also speed up the WordPress management area.
  • 99.999% uptime

7. Tools for WordPress developers

 sitepress wordpress tools

This is rare for other hosting providers, but part of this commitment to SiteGround with WordPress is the fact to include from the GoGeek plan specific tools for WordPress developers :

  1. Staging WordPress a system with which you can create versions of your application or web safely before applying changes of development to the site in production.
  2. WP-CLI the command interface of WordPress, with which to fully manage your site.
  3. Git pre -installed, to create and manage git repositories

8. Free migrations to WordPress

 simple start siteground wordpress

Although it should be a basic one, there are still hosting providers that do not migrate from your previous provider, but SiteGround does not It is one of them. You can change hosting as it should have always been, without having to acquire advanced technical knowledge .

You simply provide them with your previous information and they take care of everything. In a few hours at most you have your site hosted on your new WordPress SiteGround hosting.

9. Installations to the latest version of WordPress in Spanish at a click

 softaculous siteground

Either from your hosting panel or from cPanel using Softaculous, SiteGround offers WordPress installations (and other CMS also, of course) at a click, offering all kinds of configurations for a fast and safe installation, especially secure.

Also, if for some reason parts of a installation with problems, from its specific tools, the WordPress Toolkit that we talked about earlier, you can change the admin password and even repair unsafe file and folder permissions.

10. Good quality / price / performance ratio

We do not always choose the best, because many times we simply have to buy what we can afford, but no, SiteGround is not expensive, much less if you consider everything it offers. [19659003] Yes, you will always find some cheaper hosting plan, but if you look at the fine print, the features, the utilities, the service, the support, then you discover – often late – that it was not really cheap but very expensive, especially by the upheavals and problems.

Anyway the WordPress hosting plans of SiteGround are more than competitive, and in fact some have no equal in the Hispanic market.

  • There are cheaper plans out there, but they offer less hosting space.
  • There are cheaper plans out there, but they do not offer SSDs for your databases.
  • There are cheaper plans out there, but you do not have free support in your language.
  • There are plans It's cheap out there, but it does not cater for specific WordPress needs.
  • There are cheaper plans out there, but they do not make you migration for free.
  • There are cheaper plans out there, but they do not offer tools and security guarantees.
  • There are cheaper plans out there, but you do not get optimal performance and speed for your website.
  • There are cheaper plans out there, but they are not real WordPress hosting, except in the name.

 If you access from this link you have an exclusive discount for WordPress Help readers

Hosting reviews and comparisons

 siteground best hosting

It's not only my opinion, but you just have to review the main ones sites review reviews to check, as well as the experiences of many happy users who have migrated to SiteGround.

What do others say about SiteGround?

How was the change from WordPress Help to SiteGr? ound?

Migrating this blog has never been easy, and I've been with the best hosting providers on the planet, but I have to say that the migration to SiteGround was by far the best.

I'm not saying it was easy, which is never. Help WordPress is a little monster, tender but monster with databases of more than 1Gb, lots of plugins that I can not turn off because they are used to show functionalities to readers, thousands of publications, tens of thousands of comments and many secondary projects.

But really it has been noticed to work with people who really know WordPress, who know the kernel, the plugins, who work with WP-CLI technicians of those who, incidentally, have learned more about WordPress as settings to improve performance, advanced .htaccess tricks and a few other little things that I'm slowly counting right here.

In fact, recently Hristo, one of the biggest cracks of SiteGround, until was encouraged to publish an entry in WordPress Help so you can see what this is, of what goes SiteGround and how they understand the fact your commitment to WordPress .

And, well, the performance of WordPress Help has improved a lot, even with half the resources (RAM and Cores) that I had before migrating which has much more merit … [19659116] Difference in performance before and after migration

Measurement with PHP Benchmark :

Measurement with Pingdom Tools :

What was your experience? Do you know any better WordPress hosting company? Have you tried SiteGround and you want to tell us?

Of course, whether you use SiteGround or if it is not your turn to tell us your experience . There you have the comments to express yourself with total freedom and that we all learn from the experiences of others.

Mine I think it is clear that it is being fantastic, and if it were not so you know that I would say the same. Fortunately I have the opportunity to choose the hosting company, and I host WordPress Help wherever I want, ideally in the best possible provider, and right now SiteGround is the best.

I've been through a lot of hosting companies, and really I do not have anything bad to say about them, but SiteGround is charming me, it is another level, especially with regard to WordPress, and having SiteGround in Spain, a world leader with support in Spanish, is something that was already missing , and I hope it will give a boost to the hosting market in general and WordPress hosting products in particular.

There are many good hosting companies, also in Spain, many good friends of mine whom I respect and admire, and everyone should look at SiteGround as much as possible to improve, compete with them, and offer us better and better hosting plans, more specialized and adapted to WordPress, the king of CMS, do not you think?

And if or you are clear you can take advantage of the 50% permanent discount offer that SiteGround offers to WordPress Help readers by clicking on the following image:

 discount siteground readers ayudawp

] NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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Help WordPress comes home

 cloud computing

There are already many migrations that WordPress has suffered, and that is that although the first hosting was with CDmon, it has already passed by Mediatemple, CDmon again back in 2008, some great years with Gigas to, now, go back to its original house, again by the hand of CDmon a provider that I have never tired of recommending

In the following days there will still be fringes to be fixed, as in any migration, but I am sure that we will all enjoy the new change of accommodation, I am already doing it for days, thanks to the good people of CDmon .

Its advantages, as already expressed in the page on Hosting WordPress are huge, and I'll write them down in case you're considering choosing a provider …

  • Own control panel: is a panel designed by developers, in c Continuous innovation thanks to the suggestions of the users. It is intuitive, easy to use, and allows you to easily perform actions that would otherwise require extensive technical knowledge, such as configuring PHP, registering directives, creating FTP or MySQL accounts, it is a real joy that once you know it, you no longer want back to CPanel or similar.
  • Free services like the hosting test platform : this is a free hosting in which you can install WordPress or any other CMS and develop the web without any cost Every 30 days you can renew this service and design your site with the peace of mind that you still do not pay for hosting. The difference with the other accommodations is that the page is not visible to the general public. It is accessed via username and password. It is when you publish the web on the Internet that you start paying for the hosting plan you choose. It is a great solution to create new projects and not start paying until it is live and live. Other free services are the private Whois, the DNS, the parking pages, the redirects and the Microplan : the latter is a basic hosting that can be activated with the hiring of a domain . That is to say, for a very affordable price like that of a domain, the user can already have a web hosting with 10 MB of space, 1G of transfer and a personalized email account of 100 MB. It does not work to install a CMS but for fundamental issues like at least having an email or a welcome page.
  • Flexible plans : moving from one plan to another, either to grow or to diminish resources is very easy and the same user can do it from the Control Panel. In the case of changing to a lower plan, they compensate you with expiration. This is great, because you do not need to talk to anyone or hire new plans to a greater need: you simply increase the benefits of your accommodation live.
  • Free migration : facilitate the arrival at CDmon for anyone who comes from another provider. They do not charge anything for the migration of the web. They take care of everything and it's totally free.
  • Hosting with Spanish IP by default: because if you want to boost your positioning in search engines nothing like a web hosting in your own country. By the way, the latency decreases, which also improves the speed of the site.
  • 24-hour technical assistance: The main hallmark of CDmon, and I attest to that, is customer service. The fact of speaking the same language, of responding quickly, of being decisive. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year for technical consultations.
  • WordPress : Finally, another of the wonders of CDmon is that it offers a CMS installer that you will always find as highlighted to WordPress, but do not end there the advantages offered by having WordPress with CDmon. It is especially interesting to be able to easily configure aspects of PHP such as safe mode register_globals the size and maximum time of upload and wait, or even more advanced variables such as cookie session times on the server or configure Suhosin.

Come on, I'm delighted, and not only do not have to pay out of pocket for the cost of maintaining a blog like WordPress Help which gives many joys but zero economic performance, but to be able to count on CDmon and its excellent and kind technical and commercial service.

 banner cdmon ayudawordpress virtualup

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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WordPress goes slow, what do I do? • WordPress Help

 speed wordpress

The response speed of a web is a vital element, and not only for the search engine positioning as well.

You already know that Google penalizes slow websites and it's not that you have a special whim with your readers but that if you spend a good bit of money on make your web fast less resources have to employ the guys of the company chupiguay in crawling your site.

On the other hand, it is your responsibility to offer a quick access to your content it will improve the user experience of your visitors and you will not lose visits due to a web that does not finish loading.

But what do we do if WordPress is slow ?, it's more, why does WordPress go slow at times? Well the culprits can be several, and their solutions sometimes an obvious scary …

Web hosting

You must never forget that your web is an application that works because is installed on a remote computer (server) so the configuration and resources of that computer (RAM, hard drive, connectivity) will greatly influence the performance of your site.

If you are in a shared hosting, or be, that you share resources of the server with more webs, it is as if you try to execute several versions of Photoshop at the same time in a computer, with which the performance of each application separately will go down, and the more webs you have hosted, and with more traffic, on the same server.

Currently one of the smartest and most economical options is to bet on the Cloud hosting where you do not share resources from a single machine ( order Of course, you can always hire a dedicated server (a computer just for you), where you can hire the RAM, disk, and so on. etc that you need, but at a price always higher, because the prices of servers always exceed, exaggeratedly, what the same computer would be worth if you buy it on your own.

At the end of the day, web hosting, hosting, It is the first and vital investment in your website, and something you should not skimp on. It's your house, and why would not you choose a poorly communicated, old and leaky place for your business? because that, choose a good hosting for your WordPress .

Optimization of images

One of the elements that overloads a web, and slows down its complete visualization, are the images.

The texts occupy little space, few bytes, but the images, if you neglect, "weigh" several kilobytes, or even " megas ", so if your cover shows – let's say – 10 entries, and each one has at least one 200 kb image, you cover " will weigh " 2 Mb which, depending on the visitor's connection, can make your web take a lot of time to be completely displayed.

WordPress, on the one hand, create smaller copies of each image you upload, so you can choose to insert smaller sizes of the Of course, before you get to that you should avoid uploading images at high quality, because that's what you already have specialized web services for.

But if you're not conscientious in this aspect, or does not depend only on you, you can use a plugin like Smush-it which greatly reduces the size of your images, even if you have previously uploaded them.

And, lately, you are popularizing the use of services CDN which allow you to host your static content (images mainly) on an external server dedicated to these tasks, with speeds much higher than those of traditional servers, improving the load speed accordingly of your web


Currently JavaScript is the king of the web it is used for everything, it is used by everyone, it overloads everything. It has been used massively to replace older and heavier technologies (such as Flash) but in the end its use and abuse also makes the load of the webs suffer.

In addition, most of the services (advertisements, analytics, retargeting , etc) they encourage to include their scripts in the header of the web ( header.php ) with what until it does not load all the additional code does not begin to show your web, making the thing worse.

If you can not do without any of those wonderful codes, a quick solution is to move them to the footer ( footer.php ), which gives priority to WordPress loading your content, then running all those scripts so playful that they do so well to your website.

Then there are all those scripts that use the plugins, ads and others, already within the content of your site, which already have a worse fix. Here the solution goes through use the minimum essentials and, if possible, use other plugins that do not use JavaScript, using HTML + CSS.

But come on, it has a bad fix, because nowadays almost everything uses JavaScript, starting with those nice icons to share on social networks and more.

JavaScript is a toll that has to be paid now, so at least move everything you can to the bottom of your page.

HTTP and MySQL Requests

Your WordPress is constantly making inquiries and requests for information to your hosting database and other sites to display the content, and these incoming and outgoing communications can arrive to clog your connection with the hosting, slowing down the whole browsing experience.

Here the solutions go through optimize-optimize-optimize and, in addition, use a plugin from cache.[19659004] By optimizing I mean checking all the code of your site to know the incoming and outgoing communication routes of your website (plugins, theme, scripts, database) and reduce as many as you can.

But the The best solution for this problem is the use of cache. Currently there are wonderful plugins that deal with one or several web slowdown problems, and their use is based on making "fixed photos" of your site, which are the ones that will show instead of making requests and inquiries on each visit.

Another possibility, that today most cache plugins offer, is to minimize your codes (CSS, HTML, JavaScript), reducing their size, unifying several in one or, on the contrary, separating them, whatever to obtain a better performance

Style sheets

It is very common now for each plugin to use its own cascading style sheet (CSS), or for WordPress themes to use multiple style sheets.

] This, which is very convenient for the user who likes to customize their styles, slows the loading of the web, as there are more connections between the different elements of your website, just what we mentioned before.

Think a moment …

What goes faster on a road, a truck or 100 cars? " depends " you tell me, it depends on the roads, the speed of the cars or the load on the road. truck, right?

Well, the same thing happens in this regard, and there are theories for all tastes, which puts you in the same position as when we used to talk about the " minimization " of codes.

What always works is to minimize the CSS itself, eliminating what is left over, since each line of a style sheet is bytes, so that way you always go on safe.

And, in my opinion, it is always better to integrate the CSS of the plugins in your style sheet to allow multiple connections with the stylesheet of each plugin, something that most allow.

WordPress Themes

The theme you use, as a result, can bring together one or more of the previous problems. So issues with profusion of JavaScript, style sheets and cross-consultations will make your website not only look better, but the opposite: that many visitors pass you by not waiting for it to finish showing.

Choose topics that use CSS instead of images, that use only the necessary and just JavaScript and load it in the footer, that make few queries between your files and whose code is fully optimized, eliminating all the superfluous . But above all choose themes that rely on the functions of WordPress.

Avoid topics, therefore, that require the use of short codes (shortcodes) own and unique, and that need an excess of their own functions instead of take advantage of existing ones.

WordPress Plugins

If the themes are your showcase, the plugins are the WordPress salt and pepper, those small (or not so much) pieces of code that make your website more functional, fun, active and great than the rest.

Now, the excess or bad choice can cause just the opposite.

You will always find several plugins that serve for the same, and it is important that you choose the one that is better programmed, with less unnecessary code, which better use makes the internal functions of WordPress and less own style sheets required.

In many occasions you will discover that what pl does ugin is in a single line of code, and in those cases it will always be more effective, and resource-saving, add that function to your custom utilities plugin that will swell your list of plugins full of useless things. [19659004] But if you can not do without your plugins at least check the performance of those you have installed with utilities like P3 and decide the loading order of them.

are the main possible culprits of a slow WordPress list to which you can add what you tell us, and no, there is no definitive and only solution for all. A summary of everything said above, to have your WordPress optimized and fast would be something like this:

  • Choose a good hosting
  • Optimize images
  • Reduce and minimize JavaScript, HTML and CSS [19659068] Move the JavaScript to the background
  • Use cache
  • Choose an optimized WordPress theme
  • Select and analyze the plugins you need

NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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