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If something I have learned during the time I have been experimenting and learning in web development is that there is no plugin, script, code that works in all situations and configurations. What works on one website will not work on another either by Murphy's Law, by the elves or the confluence of the stars. Not even CSS is an exact science to apply in all cases.

Why is this so ?, Because a web is not a single uniform system, where there are no variables. As in a computer, the configuration, installed components, even the user matter. That is why sometimes we see that the same code or plugin works for some users and others destroy the blog. I will make some associations so that you understand what I mean.

Server ≈ Computer

A server, despite that name that seems to give a certain dose of kindness, to be there to give us something, does not stop being a computer ( or several) with a hardware and a network connection. There are times that a processor overheating, a RAM failure or a badly welded component can throw our website without any consideration.


Any BIOS / CMOS tends to manage our computer, communicate differently with the hardware.

Just as it is not the same to have a BIOS or CMOS installed than another, it is not the same to have a version of PHP or MySQL as another, and this will greatly affect the way in which behaves the hardware installed on the server, in addition to the "applications" and the "operating system."

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<h3><span id= WordPress ≈ Operating System

As with the basic" software "layer (PHP + MySQL), the" operating system "affects the primordial way to the communication of the hardware with the software. Surely you already know that it does not work Windows Milenium equal to Windows XP, and similarly it does not interrelate with the rest of WordPress 2.1 software that WordPress 2.7.1.

CSS ≈ Graphic interface

The base on which an operating system is based to be displayed before the user is the graphic interface and, above all, the software layer that manages the graphic resources. And yes, there is a part that is hardware and drivers, and that conjunction is also interrelated with the software. Well, your website also affects the relationship of the stylesheet (CSS) with the "operating system", the "BIOS / CMOS", the "computer" and applications.

Plugins ≈ Applications

If to all this tangle of components that need to have a symbiotic relationship we join the installation of third-party applications the thing is complicated greatly. And the plugins are like those programs that we downloaded from Softonic or Sourceforge which sometimes offer us fantastic features and others provoke a hang from our "computer" or get the "operating system" to drag or even stop working and the "graphical interface" goes to hell . Are you taking a wave?

I think it's not hard to understand that there are many variables that can make something as simple as a plugin installation – that almost everyone works – we destroy the blog. When someone asks in the forum why it has been destroyed the web by adding a code, plugin or make a simple change to the theme there are many issues that may have caused it:

  • Inconsistent hardware and with faults
  • Different versions of PHP and / or MySQL
  • Different version of WordPress
  • Different coding of the CSS of the theme
  • Different versions of the plugin
  • Any combination of the previous ones

That is why that always influenced so much in the forum in giving as much information as possible, and so it is very important to be aware that a solution for a user does not have to be the panacea for the rest. Do you catch it?

NOTICE : This publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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