WordCamp Spain 2008 – Live Blogging

And with this intervention, those that I do not participate in end, because mine is better than others.

As far as I can see, almost all the fronts mediating plugins work in your company, not requiring most of the programming. the times. Personally I think it is lighter to offer other types of alternatives but … if there are plugins, why not use them ?. I do not praise the taste on all occasions but I understand the simplicity it really offers.
We are showing other plugins to limit the WordPress administration, like TinyMCE Advanced or substitution of the custom fields or the plugin More Fields or Flutter, Podpress and others ..
He tells us, under his experience, what WordPress 2.7 brings to the creation of websites for the client. In this respect the plugin called Scissors which adds the clipping functionality in the same WordPress image loader, is very interesting.
Rude tells us that in his company what they try mainly to make easy the difficult, for it they mainly use CSS classes to make a simple and fast loading design.
17:40 – WordPress as CMS by Rude Mortenssen

16:50 [19659004] It is suggested that we think about whether Automattic will release additional services such as Intense Debate in the GPL. Personally I think not, just as they have not done with the rest of services that have not bought, and I hope to be wrong.

Luis explains the different developments related to the management of comments (Disqus , CoComments, the same Intense Debate acquired by Automattic)

Among the innovations of Intense Debate 2 are the integration with widget, social networks, syndication and much more. Luis also reviews the acquisitions / development of tools that have been integrated into WordPress (Akismet, Gravatar, bbPress, BuddyPress, Pingomatic, PollDaddy, WordPress.com, Intense Debate)
Luis Rull elucubra about whether the WordPress system will be integrated into Wikis, social networks, streaming services or it will be the other way around, integrating all types of services in WordPress

The paper by Luis Rull and begins Rafa Poveda on the comments in WordPress.
16:00 – Mecus Paper on Comments

Based on the paper on the difference between people commenting and the new commenting system based on WordPress 2.7 in which the conversation is really encouraged. Very good about Algorithm of Darth Vader (search for father)

End of presentation and step to requests and questions
Ante respectable questions, Carlos encourages us to use WordPress Mu, remembering that you can import the current WordPress DB to a new installation of WordPress Mu, that the same themes work, and "almost" all the plugins (this almost disagrees, no there are so many that are perfect)

Carlos proposes us uses of Buddypress and the suitability of using WordPress Mu with this system, namely:

  • Internal networks (business, education) [19659028] Management users in Mu
  • Good support export / import XML
  • Community
  • and, above all …
  • Plugins and styles for Buddypress
  • If you know how to program for WordPress you know how to do it for BuddyPress

I ask Carlos Mantero if notices of the messages are received private, as with the request of friends, etc. and still can not confirm it. Alex from Blogestudio, who are already working on the project he was talking about yesterday ( Pequelia ), can not confirm it either. Either nobody uses it or it is not yet available
BuddyPress is a great plugin that at its core has group creation modules, blogs, private messaging, status updates, etc.

I'm late, thanks to the non-strike of pilots and, unfortunately I've missed the networking, the talk of Miguel Serrabassa Lafont and even coffee. However, I arrived in time to greet Raul Illana and Luis Rull among others and, of course, attend the presentation by Carlos Mantero on BuddyPress which I'll start commenting …

12:00 – Presentation Carlos Mantero on BuddyPress

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