WordPress Syntax mode for Panic CODA • WordPress Help

If you do not know the application Panic CODA you're probably missing what might be the best software that exists for a web programmer .

In fact, there's Web developers who have switched to Mac "only" to use CODA . And it's not crazy, there are really many reasons to switch to Mac but using CODA is one of them, and powerful. But hey, it's not about doing proselytizing for Mac or CODA.

What I want to share with you today is a download file that allows to use the WordPress syntax in CODA to identify the codes of your WordPress themes and plugins, its functions in particular, and it allows you things like the autocomplete syntax and those wonderful things that CODA does .

Now CODA will already identify the WordPress functions ]making life easier for you as a WordPress developer, as I already did with PHP, HTML or CSS, for example.

Themes that imitate famous websites

We all like to have a site with a differentiating aspect but there are many occasions when it may be interesting to have a design that imitates famous websites. Imagine, for example, a Facebook fan blog, or a portal about Apple world, would not you like to offer a look similar to the service or web you're paying tribute to?

Well, here's a review by some ] themes that mimic well-known websites . Surely you already knew one, but some may surprise you.