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One of the most eye-catching novelties in WordPress 2.8 is the new themes and plugins editor, called CodePress which shows the syntax of the code highlighted in colors. Now, what if you do not want that display of colorines in your editor?

Well, it's very easy to disable it, you just have to access the " Screen options " when you're in the editor and there you have it a single link, just the one you need, that allows you to disable syntax highlighting .

CodePress in WordPress 2.8 (with bonus)

If a few days ago I commented that WordPress 2.8 would include theme installation via web today I bring news of a feature that I personally liked: CodePress. What is it about? CodePress is a visual editor that highlights the code depending on the language in which we find ourselves working. The great news is that WordPress replaces the poor editor of themes and plugins with CodePress, that is, we can edit content via the web without using a special program, since the same WordPress will highlight the code.

As usual (and to wait more anxiously version 2.8) I leave some captures:

 CodePress: CSS Language

CodePress: CSS Language (themes)

 CodePress: PHP Language (themes)

CodePress: PHP Language (themes )

 CodePress: PHP Language (plugins)

CodePress: PHP Language (plugins)

As a "bonus" a "little box" has been integrated into the plugin editor, which contains the WordPress functions used by the plugin that we are editing. Just select one, click on "Lookup" and we will open a new window with information about the particular function (similar to WordPress Functions Implementation History ):

It's amazing that such simple things make me happy day in this way And what do you think?