WordCamp Medellín – Colombia loves WordPress, and you?

Nothing left, this next November 5, the first WordCamp Medellín

will take place in Colombia This WordCamp is part of the program of incubators of the WordPress Foundation, dedicated to stimulate the creation and strengthening of the WordPress community in different parts of the world.

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<p> As Jason says, one of organizers: </p>
<p> Since I live in Medellin, I have imagined the opportunity to have a WordCamp here I am passionate about WordPress and I follow the daily life from our podcast <a href= WP Round Table [194590] 04] Finally we have the opportunity to have a WordCamp here and I am sure that this will plant the seed that will give strength to the WordPress Meetup Medellín and continue making community.

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<p> This event will be attended by renowned international speakers such as Mike Schroder, who will talk about how C <i> work with WordPress Core </i>; Miguel Lezama and <i> The secrets of Jetpack and </i> Karen Arnold on <i> How to become the next collaborator of the WordPress community. </i> </p>
<p> Besides that, he will also have national speakers such as <strong> Andrew Macia </strong> who will talk about <i> WordPress and SEO; </i><strong> Catalina Zapata </strong>a local entrepreneur who will share her life as a digital nomad through WordPress and <strong> Andrés Cifuentes </strong> who will teach us everything there is to know about the world of <i> WordPress Multiligüe , </i> among others. In <a href= this link you can find the complete program.

The event will take place on November 5 at the Tecnológico de Antioquia and you can buy your tickets here .

Do not miss This opportunity to do and be part of the WordPress community in Medellín.

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Colombia loves WordPress – WordPress Help

More and more governments are using WordPress for their web developments, I do not know if by their own conviction or by the companies they commission the developments but there it is, and Colombia, in its brand website country, use WordPress .

The result is a really nice, dynamic and colorful website very much in keeping with the beauty and color of Colombia, and the adaptation made of the free theme, it seems that Plastic Lab very successful.

You can visit it in Colombia.co to enjoy its beautiful design. I just need to recognize in the credits that is made with WordPress that's right.