Intensive WordPress course in Madrid • WordPress Help

As every two months I will give a practical and intensive course called " Domina WordPress ", addressed to communication professionals and new media, community managers and ] social media strategists .

The course, already in its 5 th edition consists of totally practical sessions, for which it is essential to go with a laptop, in which we will see step by step everything you need to know about WordPress to design, manage and enhance your brand content strategy .

There is little left, and places are limited because of the character eminently practical course are limited to a maximum of 12 students, for a full use of the contents thereof, so run and sign up which are very few.

Hootsuite in WordPress – WordPress Help

Well, that's it, with this – if it was not already – finally WordPress is the ultimate and total tool for community managers . Because from now on you can manage, in addition to the corporate website, all the social network accounts, and without leaving the WordPress desktop .

And I say this because will already use Hootsuite to manage your accounts social, right? and if it is not like that, you'll soon register on the official website and start adding accounts to manage them all in one screen.

Next, add this plugin to the WordPress of your web and you will have everything without leaving the desktop of WordPress.

The best thing of everything is that it is not a tool that you add exclusively for the administrator of WordPress but in the page of adjustments you can enable the Hootsuite integration in WordPress for the user profiles you want .
 hootsuite wordpress settings

And if you have already accessed your Hootsuite account you will not have to do anything more, in the new menu you will have your Hootsuite desktop ready to work .
 hootsuite wordpress

Redirect a category to a new website • WordPress Help

If it has not happened to you, it will happen to you. There will come a day that, when your blog is hugely popular, you want to create a specific website for a specific category of your site.

Let's say, for example, that your blog is personal but, little by little , you are adding guides on the use of Social Networks, which you store in the category " tutos-socialmedia ", which you consider that you already have enough substance to have your own website, specialize, and even sell courses of social media . Come on, what are you going to create or something like that?

Well nothing, very easy you just have to add to your file .htaccess the from the previous blog, the following:

Of course, before you must have exported all the entries in the category " tutos-socialmedia " and have imported them in the new site in the category called " guides ", as in the example, or to your liking.