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According to the latest Technorati report, WordPress is the most used content management system well above the rest of CMS. If in 2012 48% of the Top 100 blogs worked with WordPress, in 2013, are already 52% of the most popular blogs using WordPress .

In the report you can see the evolution, as well as how the sharing of the cake of using the Top 100 blogs, this:

So you already know, if the blogs of the Top 100 worldwide use WordPress ] What are you waiting for?

WordPress dominates the top 100 of blogs and keeps growing

According to the recent study by Pingdom which you can consult in its entirety here WordPress completely dominates the list of the Top 100 of blogs worldwide

In the comparative tables, in which the evolution is seen from 2009 to 2012, it can be verified that the growth of WordPess as the publishing platform chosen by the most visited and relevant blogs on the world scene

Some data of this evolution, which shows how WordPress completely dominates the Top 100 are the following:

And here the complete table of the Top 100 blogs and the publication platform that each one uses, in the order they occupy in the Technorati ranking:

So you know, you're not the only one who has chosen the winning publishing platform most of the most powerful sites that exist have also chosen WordPress . [19659002] Do we already break that " sanbenito " that WordPress is not for sites with a lot of traffic?

CMS Matrix – Compare CMS systems • WordPress Help

Although it sins of some small failure, like the versions that it analyzes – some quite old-fashioned and that can offer you results not very successful, especially with the level of update of some CMS, this tool; CMS Matrix offers a way to compare the virtues of each and every known CMS .

What has impressed me most is the number of systems that can be compared, many of whom I did not know or heard. The process is very simple, simply check the boxes of the CMS to compare and you give the only button " Compare " to show you a table with the characteristics of each CMS in the one you can see that they lack and what functions they have. Interesting if you are thinking about which CMS to use and there is some specific function you need.

To test it I made a comparison between WordPress (of course), Movable Type and Joomla, and well, it's not bad, but the truth, among many functionalities you almost get lost. That is, it is useful if you require some special functionality.

Comparative Table of Blogging Platforms

I do not know if you know Tablefly that nice place to do comparative tables of what you want at the click of a button, and having no idea how to handle spreadsheets. Well, it's very good, and it's worth checking it out sometimes.

Well, that's not what I wanted to show you but a table I found in the service, created by a user of Tablefly in which he proposes a comparative table between the different free blogging platforms .

And, what do you not guess who wins? … who gets the medal ?. You guessed it: WordPress.

Well, judge for yourself, here's the table (another of the virtues of Tablefly) …