WordPress 3.3 RC2 • WordPress Help

The RC2 version of WordPress 3.3 is ready so you can try it and warn of possible failures, and above all check the compatibility with the plugins you are using as they change a lot of things in the API, everything related to the new bar.

In this way if, for example, a plugin adds links to the admin bar, now it must do otherwise, and unless it was updated, it would not. But there are more things, so it's a good opportunity to set up a WordPress for tests in your accommodation where you can test the plugins with the following versions, which I highly recommend.

WordPress 3.2.1 • WordPress Help

Ea, well if you wanted rice, you already have 2 cups, a few days from WordPress 3.2 we have here the first revision, WordPress 3.2.1 where they are solved problems of incompatibility with JSON that have affected some users, as well as other fixes in the Desktop and the Twenty Eleven theme.

It is not a security update but it is recommended. You will have it in the updates of your WordPress or by direct download in WordPress Spain .

WordPress 3.1.1

If you have already updated to WordPress 3.1 now it's time for you to do it to WordPress 3.1.1 an essential security update (and more):

  • Improves security in loading images [19659003] Improvements in performance
  • Improve the support of IIS6
  • Fix the links of taxonomies and PATHINFO (/index.php/)
  • Solve several extreme cases in which queries and taxonomies could cause compatibility problems with plugins [19659007] You know, updates .

    The entry WordPress 3.1.1 published it first Fernando Tellado in WordPress Help . Do not copy content, do not say anything good about you to your readers.

"Compatibility" in WordPress Extend (Plugins)

From now on, those who download WordPress Extend plugins will enjoy a new feature that will avoid the doubt "Does this plugin work with the WordPress version I use?"

It is a small box where users can vote if a certain version of the plugin works in a certain version of WordPress and it works more or less like this: users registered in WordPress Extend select their version of WordPress and the version of the plugin they are using, and then click on "Broken" ( if it does not work) or in "Works" (if it works without problems). Based on this a percentage of "compatibility" is created for each version of the plugin in each version of WordPress.

This will serve more than one that has been doubtful when installing a plugin that is not updated long ago , for fear of being incompatible with your WordPress version. It should be noted that the function is in Beta, so you can find errors or occasions when it does not work as it should, but it is certainly a great feature.

You can see it working in WordPress Extend Plugins (select any plugin and you will see it) n is located in bet

WordPress Functions Finder – WordPress Help

If you are a developer of plugins or themes for WordPress, sure that more than once you would have liked to have a table or reference about the compatibility of each of the functions with each version of WordPress. Well you're in luck because Ozh has created a fantastic tool a WordPress function compatibility finder . It also works as Spotlight so that while you write you are suggesting possible functions to make the task even easier.