Hide menus according to the type of user

Perhaps one of the most demanded issues in professional websites that want to offer a different experience to registered users is to be able to hide or show menus according to the user profile .

Fortunately this is very easy to achieve, and we have several plugins that make this task really trivial, in addition to very useful.

As you see by options that are not, it is simple and a very interesting functionality for WordPress uses as a portal with different offer according to the type of user, thus encouraging the registration.

Conditional menus in WordPress

The use of " conditional " in WordPress is perhaps one of the most used features in professionally oriented sites, since it allows to customize the visualization of contents according to the page displayed and other conditions given

And if we already saw the use of conditional tags in WordPress now we are going to apply this concept also to menus but surprisingly so much more simple … sooo much more .

And I say simpler because with the plugin called If Menu we have it in the easiest way possible, because when installing it adds a new setting to the menu items to determine under what condition we want it to appear.

The options that it offers us, after clicking on the box named " Enable conditional logic " of each menu item are the following: ntes:

From there you decide how to use it, and the possibilities are huge . You can show links to special pages for registered users that would not otherwise be visible, or hide links on the front page that will only be seen when they are in an article, yourself.