Remove the JetPack share counter

If you use JetPack and the module of Share that add icons from which to spread your publications in the main social networks you will have already noticed that appears counter on the button of each network indicating the number of times that have been shared .

And it is very nice and such, but and if you do not want your site to make requests of more to the different servers , thus slowing down the loading of your website?

Well then it would make all the sense not to load the counters avoiding those annoying and embarrassing seconds that are lost in connecting with Twitter, Facebook or whatever it is to show the number of times each entry has been shared.

If you are about the task then nothing is easier than adding the following line to your utilities plugin or file functions.php of your active topic: [19659002] You save the changes and the counters stop appearing and, what is more important, your site will not try to connect to all those networks and you will not lose valuable seconds of loading your website.

WordiZ, WordPress plugin essential for community managers • WordPress Help

The WordPress desktop shows a lot of information about entries, comments, etc. . If you also install a statistics plugin you can see where your visitors come from, what they click on and much more.

Now do you know how many times an entry has been shared on Twitter, Facebook or Google+? ]

Surely you're already thinking that yes, that you just have to see each entry and look at the counter next to the icons to share your entries on social networks.

But Would you like to see it from the same ticket management page, as other information about each publication, such as the number of comments or visits?

Well that's exactly what it offers WordiZ a plugin that also has no complications or any configuration, just install it and adds new columns to the administration page of the WordPress desktop .

In those new columns you will see d At a glance the number of times each entry has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ .
 wordiz social links counter

So simple, so interesting, and so Best of all, it works, and instantly. A jewel!

Word Counter

Although the WordPress administration panel currently informs us of the number of words used in an article how about showing this information to your readers? There are several situations in which this can be interesting, you choose the reason.

The process is not complicated, it only goes through a couple of modifications in your active theme. Let's go to it …

function counting_words ( $ str ) {

$ words = 0 [19659006];

$ str = eregi_replace ( "+" "" [19659006] $ str ) ;

$ array = explode ( ] "" $ str ) ;

for ( $ i ] = 0 ; $ i < count ( $ array ) ; $ i ++ )


if ( eregi ( ] "[0-9A-Za-zÀ-ÖØ-öø-ÿ]" , $ array [ $ i ] ) )

$ words