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One of the novelties of WordPress 3.7 actually the fundamental one, is the ability to update itself automatically in the background, without our intervention, but it does not work in all installations.

Whether you want update as if you have already updated but WordPress does not update automatically, there are several reasons why this may happen and your WordPress does not update automatically on your own.

Either due to problems with permissions, absence of OpenSSL support or use version control, there are around 20% of WordPress installations that will not update automatically, but WordPress does not tell you the reason, simply informs you that it will not be updated on your own.

If you want to know the reasons it's simple, you just have to install a fresh plugin, Background update tester go through the plugin page, which you'll find in " Desktop -> Update T ester "and see why your WordPress does not update automatically

Create WordPress web applications without touching a line of code!

 Wp-App-Studio "width =" 500 "height =" 208 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-69701 " srcset = " 500w, Wp-App-Studio.jpg 600w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/> </a></p>
<p> Really, WordPress continues to surprise me day by day, but above all the community of users, who create <strong> developments that make this CMS the biggest thing that has given birth to mother … and I do not exaggerate </strong>. </p>
<p> A glorious example of what I say (yes, glorious) is <a href= WP App Studio a plugin – yes, a plugin – that turns your WordPress into a complete web application creation suite for WordPress and what's more amazing, without touching a single line of code! something that usually would have to pay thousands of dollars (or euros).

The basic operation would be this:

  1. Install and activate the plugin WP App Studio
  2. Design and create your web application with WP App Studio
  3. Install and activate your application web like any other plugin

There it is nothing!

Its features are very complete, it does not lack practically nothing to create in a simple way web applications:

Entity creation

  • Data collection of objects, people, places or concepts
  • Full support of the API for custom WordPress entry types and more
  • Design of each entity using dropdowns and tabs
  • Entity design editor can sort, add or delete attributes dragging and dropping
  • Version control and multiuser development.

Creation of taxonomies

  • Grouping, labeling and categorization of data with custom taxonomies
  • Ta xonomies attached to one or more entities, including default entities (entries or pages)
  • Drag-and-drop interface for filtering data in entity taxonomies
  • Support for hierarchical and non-hierarchical taxonomies.
  • Advanced features Customization

Relationship creation

  • Creating connections between entities with relationships between them
  • Creating one-to-many relationships ( 1-M), many-to-many (MM), or auto relationships.
  • Each relation can have one or more attributes.
  • Choice of where to show the column of relations in the entity list screen. [19659008] Choice of where to show the relationship box in the entity editor
  • Creation of relationships between entities and users

Creation of relationships attributes

  • Simple and intuitive interface to create attributes of entities
  • 37 different types of attributes
  • Possibility of establishing an attribute as required
  • Possibility of establishing a default value
  • Possibility of defining instructions for Users
  • Decide if an attribute can accept multiple values, that is, if it will be clonable.
  • Decide if an attribute will be used as a column with filters in the entity list editor.
  • Creation of validation rules and custom error messages.

Creation of help screens

  • Additional information can be offered, such as instructions to users when using the help screen.
  • Organization of help information in one or more tabs
  • Configure a sidebar section in the help screens.
  • Attach help screens to edit screens, lists, entities, or taxonomies. [19659008] WYSIWYG editor for the creation of help information

Application permissions

  • Ability to define custom profiles through permissions.
  • Ability to deactivate default capabilities in the default profiles.
  • Possibility of assigning entity capabilities to default or custom profiles
  • Possibility of assigning taxonomy capabilities to default or custom profiles.

 Create profile
Migration of metadata [19659012] Export and / or import the metadata of your application from WP App Studio.

  • Automatic updates when migrating between versions.
  • Version control
  • Monitoring of modification dates
  • Encryption of metadata
  • Import / Export of application data

    • Visual importer of all entity and taxonomy data. [196] 59008] Export of all entity and taxonomy data
    • Restart (delete) of all entity, taxonomy and relationship data.
    • Export and import in comma separated file format (CSV)

    Creation of shortcodes

    • Creation of shortcodes without touching a single line of code
    • Design of shortcodes with the usual functions through a visual editor
    • Filtering of shortcode data by ID, author, date, etc.
    • Possibility of adding the shorcode to a page or entry or text widget.
    • Possibility of attaching custom CSS to the design of the shortcodes.
    • Sorting of the data of the shortcode by criterion, ascending or descending.
    • Filtering data of shortcode by its publication status.
    • Possibility of limiting the registration number of entities to be displayed.
    • Navigation page to display the number of records.
     Create shortcode </li>
<li> 080] Create shortcode </p>
<p><strong> Fully translatable </strong></p>
<li> Each application is offered with a POT file to facilitate translations. </li>
<li> You simply create the PO and MO files as you would normally. </li>
<li> All WordPress strings are included for translation. </li>
<li> All entities are translatable </li>
<li> All taxonomies are translatable </li>
<li> All extensions of the application are translatable. Some translations will already be included. </li>
<p><strong> Creating widgets </strong></p>
<li> Ability to create and configure desktop widgets </li>
<li> Ability to create and configure sidebar widgets </li>
<li> Custom design of widgets with a visual editor. </li>
<li> ] Ability to add custom CSS to widget data </li>
<li> Show widget data in ascending or descending order </li>
<li> Limitation of widget data using custom queries. </li>
<div id=

    Application settings

    • Possibility to configure information related to the application, such as license, author name, url, etc.
    • Various Jquery interface themes for the application's appearance design.
    • Activate / deactivate default navigation menus
    • Enable / disable default desktop widgets
    • Possibility of defining email addresses and system names
    • rzar the number of columns on the desktop
    • Visual editor to set right and left footer of the application
    • Ability to fully customize the admin bar, or remove it on the desktop or the web
    • Visual editor to create widgets to send administrative messages to users
    • Ability to define a logo for the access screen
    • Ability to add custom footers in the admin area
     App settings

    Settings of the app

    Creation and saving of filters

    • Drag-and-drop interface to choose, sort and classify entity attributes (columns) to be displayed
    • Intuitive interface to add and save complex filters
    • data through custom functions and filters
    • Entity registration filtering through relationship columns
    • Advanced customization features.


    • Rapid generation of beautiful and compatible forms without leaving WP App Studio
    • Adapted to the latest web design techniques
    • Validation on the client side
    • Validation on the server side
    • Processing without changing the page (use of AJAX)
    • Easy personalization using CSS
    • Prevention of bots (without the need for CAPTCHAs)

    Creation of " prompts "

    • Possibility of creating assistant web and application without leaving WP App Studio
    • Highlighting or attracting attention to certain sections of your application
    • Simple interface

    To see do you have any excuse not to create your first plugin yet? . I do not think so. In addition, WP App Studio is not difficult to learn you have to take a moment how to any new application but it more than makes up for the – small – effort.

    So take advantage of the weekend for create your first WordPress application .

    NOTICE : this publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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