WordPress Córdoba Meetup

There is an event that sometimes goes unnoticed because it is not a "WordCamp" pure and simple, but it is still a great WordPress event, I mean WordPress Córdoba Meetup .

celebrates its 6th edition on May 12 and 13 so you're still in time to register (free) for this event, and in the meantime take advantage of this weekend enjoy the wonderful courtyards of Córdoba a city that I love (I spent part of my military service there and, despite that, I chose it for my wedding night) and that you will love when you meet her

The program consists of two separate days, on Friday the 12th for workshops and on Saturday the 13th for papers . The program of lectures on Saturday is as follows:

On Friday, the day of workshops, there is only one, for things of availability of loaned spaces, but what is available is worth it and a lot: