How to choose the essential content of your website or blog?

We've already seen what it is the essential content or cornerstone and I guess you'll get clear its importance for SEO of your website or blog, but I've been asked a lot lately how to choose what content we should determine as the essential of our site, so I'll try to give you some clues to identify it.

What must essential content have?

There are some key features that must have all content considered essential, namely …

Much content

Essential articles, or cornerstone tend ( should) have a lot of content, in fact should be the longest articles on your site of more than 3,000 words on average. But also do not fill in to fill out, the content must be of quality above all, and must meet the needs of your visitors; but yes, it offers a good amount of content.

Reply to high traffic keywords

To be essential content of your site you must receive and serve the most demanded keywords in your niche ]the ones that receive more traffic.


Above all, the content should not be obsolete, but must meet the needs of the current user, so you should update it regularly so that it does not lose its usefulness and relevance .

Link receiver

All essential content must receive many links, internal and external . If your essential content serves as a response to searches for more traffic should receive external links and you should be consistent when linking.

If you have any doubt about what should have the essential content of your site think of it not as an entry, which is usually punctual content with expiration, but as a page, of fundamental, basic, essential content that every visitor to your website or user of a search engine would want to see when they arrive at your site . [19659016] So how do I choose the essential articles of my site?

Nobody like you knows the niche of your website but these are some clues that you should not let go to choose the what should be your essentials or cornestone .

Articles that give solutions to the problems of users who visit your website

Think about the users that come to your website and determine what they are looking Your essential articles should be those that give solutions to the main problems that your visitors come to your website .

If you have, for example, a blog about WordPress, you must know the main ones problems that their users have and solve those problems . If what you are most looking for is how to create an online store in WordPress you should make your content that meets that need very visible.

You must make a list of the main problems that afflict the users who could come to your website and choose or create essential articles to solve them.

Do not make a long list, think of the 5, or at most 10, problems that you can help solve Of course, this does not mean that you should not try to give solutions to other "minor" or less traffic problems, because everything will contribute and add up.

Choose articles that already receive a lot of traffic

Do not reinvent the wheel. If you already have several articles that deal with the same solution to a problem, but there is one that receives the most traffic, it is the one that is being most demanded, and it will be through it that your website will be more useful in your niche.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that all your content is essential no matter how good your blog or website is, the choice is made by users, with their searches, with their clicks , with its time and depth of reading.

Once you determine which content receives more traffic from the list of top solutions, improve the article and update it .

Above all do not devote time and effort to Items that you think should be essential content but receive little traffic compared to others. Your website makes sense as long as it serves user needs in whatever sense.

Moreover, if you have several articles that offer different solutions to the same problem try to unify your content in which you receive the most traffic do not make your users have to make several clicks to give them the solution to their need.

Choose articles that are easy to understand

Do not get scholar, think about all types of users the readability studies and studies are not there by chance, and you should attend as many visitors as possible, regardless of their academic record.

Write in short paragraphs and sentences short, where each of them understands himself and is part of the solution .

It is not a question of dealing with issues in a superficial way but rather of to facilitate reading, and above all, understanding . Think that the user who reaches your essential content searches for solutions to a problem not an academic dissertation .

Choose articles in which you are better than your competition

How not, you have to be the best , but your essential content will not be so essential for users, and Google will make you see the harsh reality with its rankings.

So creates essential articles on topics you really master , in which you demonstrate authority over your competence, in what you do best and transmit .


  • Use real examples, of things that you have seen and in which you show solutions real to real problems.
  • Make simple lists of steps to follow to solve user problems.
  • Collect your best articles and unify them into one that is more useful than the sum of the articles separately.
  • ] Attend p tips and comments to improve your essential content. Nobody better than your visitors to tell you what they really want.
  • Update your content based on the requests of your visitors and news of the niche.

Is there more?

Yes of course, and I would like to know your opinion and advice . Although I have been blogging for many years every day I learn something new from my readers, and this blog will not make sense the day it ceases to be useful to WordPress users, so I need your advice to do it better.

a good practice is not to abandon this attitude to know how to identify what are the essential contents of your site.

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What is the essential content or cornerstone of Yoast SEO?

If you use Yoast's SEO plugin and you have it updated you will have verified that, since version 4.6 incorporated a new tool called essential content, cornerstone in English .

Making your website accessible and easy to navigate can make the difference between retaining visitors or lose them .

An essential, well-defined and powerful content is a major factor in increasing and maintaining traffic to your site in addition to improving the user experience. [19659003] This content, in addition, can help improve SEO which will improve your results in SERP and will bring more visitors to your website.

[19659003] If you have not yet created well-written essential content and finido starts today to do it if you do not want to miss out on the benefits it can offer to your website.

Also, it's nothing new even though it's only recently being talked about, largely due to the popularity of the Yoast SEO plugin and the fact that that box has appeared.

If you have read me something during the more than 15 years that I have been writing, you may have detected that is a blogging strategy that I have always used , and specifically in this blog since its inception.

In fact, if you want to improve your way of generating content, your way of blogging I recommend you visit the hundreds of articles on this theme that I have published in my personal blog. There is a lot of valuable information.

But let's do our thing, let's see what is this essential content and how to apply it to our SEO strategy of WordPress content .

What is the essential content?

The essential content is the basis and foundations of your website. It is the most important information, well written, and that explains what you offer in your niche.

You create your whole web on some basic foundations of your niche, which can include introductory blog entries, frequently asked questions and other information, such as instructions or tricks.

The essential content is everything any visitor could need to understand what your website contributes and the difference of the rest within your niche.

Any content that makes your website stand out from the rest which defines the reason for its existence, is essential content.

The essential content should help for any visitor to understand what your website offers as the main value and the topics you deal with primarily.

It is also called essential content because should be the best content of your website . It is that content that makes most people visit your website.

So plan a very good first impression with powerful, relevant content that marks differences and defines you in front of the other sites.

If you want to increase recurring visits to your website and retain your visitors you should create, for example, a series of help publications that, or are on the cover or are linked from it . And these will be your essential contents.

How many essential contents should you have?

There is no fixed number to know how much essential content you have to create, but at least create a minimum of 4 or 5 essential contents

Must be clear, informative, quality . Depending on your niche, you may need more essential content.

And do not be afraid to create more essential content either. As your website grows create more essential content, that assures the strength of your site contributing more content that attracts visitors and loyalty.

Think of your essential contents as in that list of your 10 or 12 highlighted entries that you would put yes or yes in your sidebar .

How do I decide which entries should be essential content?

To decide what content is essential visit your website and put yourself in the place of a new user that comes to your site, interested in your niche but does not know your website.

Imagine that you are not an expert, but someone who wants to learn and want to know if your website will have what you need.

Try to guess what articles or pages you would like to see first, what information would you look for .

and those publications that a new visitor would try to find should be the essential content the most basic important information that your website can offer.

If this is the first time you are going to create essential content, decide which problems are the most common for anyone looking for content on your website, in your niche

For example, if you have a travel agency, create essential content that explains how to find the ideal hotel, how to plan a trip or how to save on vacation expenses.

They have to be useful articles that arrive at most people and attract them to your website.

Once you are associated with a knowledge of your niche it will be more possible for to trust you and buy your products or services

Why is the essential content important?

The essential content is important for several reasons.

The first is that is the information that will determine if your website is useful or not . You just have to visit a website that does not have a clear structure or objective to understand the need for essential content.

The web with essential content guides the new visitor through your site and helps you to trust the products and services you offer .

The essential content also acts as an interconnection between all the contents you have on a specific subject .

It is more an introduction than a written in depth ]is the starting point to offer the rest of your content on any niche.

Think of it as a fantastic look at all the subjects that really matter in your niche.

How does the content help me? essential?

If you have read carefully the previous paragraphs, the question should be answered, but, in summary, at this point you should be clear about some concepts the essential content helps you.

On the one hand it is an exercise in reflection on what is the role of your website in the Universe, what is your website for? Is it useful for something? for what? To who? Does it really fulfill its purpose for your new users?

If you already know the answer and you have created content that gives a fulfilled answer and satisfies these questions then you already know in what essential content helps you.

Basically I could summarize it in that the essential content helps you to clearly define the objectives, and value of your web for users .

Of course, if you create essential content that meets the premises for what exists should be the core of your business / web and get visits and satisfaction from your visitors, by clearly meeting their expectations.

A great example you have in the great blog CoppyBlogger that more than 10 years ago clearly defined its essential content creating a route in only 3 steps to achieve it:

  1. Creating valuable information resources that the user ios clearly identified as essential content: tricks for bloggers, how to create a blog, how to generate conversation, etc.
  2. Add reports and documents that collect this type of valuable information in the form of ebooks and thematic microsites
  3. Creating valuable products that would help their readers and sell themselves practically alone.

He explained it very well Brian Clark in this video …

How essential content affects SEO

Essential content plays a very important role in SEO strategy .

If you compete for key phrases very popular a clear strategy of essential content can help you improve positions in those very competitive phrases .

If you write a lot of articles on your blog about similar content you must tell Google what it is the most important otherwise they will all compete for the same place in the SERP and you will be adding yourself to the competition.

The essential content and internal links

If you clearly define your essential content and you establish a structure of correct internal links between all your entries of the same theme, which compete on objective keywords, you can show Google which article of all of them is the most important and win the battle, reinforcing your essential content with similar contents that reinforce your position.

Think of the content of your site as if it were a pyramid in which your cover is at the tip of the pyramid. All less important articles will be in the background, arising from more important content. Your essential content should be near the tip of the pyramid, preferably linked from the front .

As you write about essential topics in other posts, comments or any other part from your site, links to your essential content .

This will make Google crawlers consider them more important than other pages .

For example, if you're writing an article about how to install WooCommerce that you want to highlight as essential content, link it from articles like " How to set up WooCommerce " or " Payment gateways in WooCommerce ". [19659064] The essential content and external links

If you are able to get quality links from an external source ask to link to your articles of essential content . And as the essential content ideally is to compete for the most competitive target keywords, it is important to give it all possible priority .

You already know that quality links will improve your SEO so that have them point to your essential content to help you position your target keywords harder to position by their popularity.

The essential content and user loyalty

Like articles of essential content are your most powerful and relevant content should increase the loyalty of your visitors and customers .

People who visit your page looking for answers should find them easily and not have to search for them ] for all your web.

When a user finds a website useful, he is more likely to come back and recommend it to his friends.

If you facilitate access to your essential content Clear way too will help your visitors continue to see your site .

There is a Nielsen study that indicates that most people leave pages in less than 30 seconds on average, but that once those 30 seconds pass is much easier to retain and continue to see other content on your website.

As the essential content is interesting and relevant, you can get your visitors pass that line of 30 seconds .

Once achieved you will have to continue to maintain your attention and interest with more essential content or as you have seen in the 3-step strategy of ] CoppyBlogger guide them to acquire valuable products that satisfy that need they came to your site.

How to create essential content

Create essential content to guide your new ones users is u A skill you must acquire.

The strength of these essential contents is that will attract traffic to your website and show you as an authority in your niche . Then it is important that everything you show is well presented, well written, well structured and thinking about the user .

Always make sure you are offering clear information to a reader who does not have your knowledge on the subject you are dealing with.

Research your niche before beginning the process of defining what is essential. You should not decide it but the needs of the users .

Once you have it clear you will know what information gaps you must cover, what the users of your niche need and, in consequently, what will capture the interest of your visitors.

If you already have a lot of content, the strategy is to make a selection of the publications that best represent and illustrate what you are an expert . And if you still do not have content write a list of the questions that most people are looking for and what keywords they use to discover the answers to their concerns.

Then start writing your first essential content for respond to one that seems more relevant and important to users. Then the next one on the list and so on.

10 tricks to create essential content

  1. Think first what target keyword you're going to use . For this, ask yourself what someone would look for to find your page. Once you have your target keywords clear, focus on making your page accurately and clearly respond to the search keyword.
  2. Center your metadata on your target keywords . Remember that your goal title and description will appear in the Google results so make sure you get enough attention in the SERPs and refer to the content of the page.
  3. Evaluate to your competition . If your competition does not have powerful pages of essential content this increases your chances of getting more recurring visitors through high quality content. On the other hand, if your competitors have very good content you should stand out. Consider creating tutorials or pages of essential content that link to each other. It can help you stand out.
  4. Draws your readers' attention to your essential content explaining what you offer, raising questions, asking questions that you know you want answers to, and taking them to your essential content to meet those needs. Getting attention can be difficult, so draw your attention to really powerful content.
  5. Use lists and subtitles to separate your content and improve visual impact and keep your attention in a state of permanent alert.
  6. Includes videos, images and any other means that helps illustrate your content and improve or expand it.
  7. Read and review your essential content regularly and update whenever necessary. Google rewards contents that are updated.
  8. Links to your articles of essential content from the rest of the publications related to the same topic or niche of your essential contents.
  9. Use your other publications related to essential content for cover keywords long tail related with your essential content.
  10. If you want to take advantage of existing publications, rewrite them consider everything you already know about how to create essential content.

How to define essential content in WordPress with Yoast

Since version 4.6, the SEO Yoast plugin incorporated an essential content functionality that can help us define these fundamental content in our content strategy and in the face of Google, under the premises we have established throughout this article.

To do this, in the tab Features of your control panel you have the box to activate this functionality, and if you use the premium version some more than, for the content or essential, really makes a difference and does – finally – really spend those extra euros for the paid version. And I'll explain …

While in the free version it's true that you'll find the new box to define content as essential, and this will help you organize your strategy, is in the premium version where it shows all its potential to include a new meta box in the editor that facilitates linking to your essential content.

This way your editors will not have to write down a list of the essential content of your site, will have a visual reminder in the same editor that will help them enhance those essential contents more and more from the new publications.

Through this editor widget , and the so-called insights once the new entry has content, will be shown links to your essential content and it will be easier to have the list at hand to link to your content. essential nests

The essential content and marketing

A fantastic, and very effective, way to create essential content is to think of it as if it were a product you want to sell ]

And actually it is, are approaches to your brand, answers to questions . Everything you do to attract customers to your page is marketing.

Seeing it that way effective essential contents are also marketing .

Now, do not write essential content that looks like ads, they should be learning tools but revises the fundamentals that I have commented above.

It is quite common for the consumer to deny or even block marketing, but nevertheless responds positively to educational products . [19659003] Write your essential contents with the intention of teaching the reader something . And as you are offering positive and free resources people will return to your website.

Moreover, if you generate essential content of great quality, if you take into account everything that I am transmitting to you, you will improve the possibilities of get more content you share the content on their social networks which will give even more relevance to your essential content.

When you create essential content you start a virtuous circle of advantages for traffic and SEO Click to tweet

Applying these basics and tips will help you create essential content that your visitors will react positively to .

How to present your essential content

A landing page, or your cover, is the best way to present your essential content to new visitors to your website. It offers a map that shows you your best content and helps you find it immediately .

The most obvious, easiest and fastest way en link from your cover .

Make your essential content visible and easily accessible. Click to tweet

You must provide that the new visitor finds them easily and can read them . If, in addition, the essential contents are linked together, be sure to make it easy for any reader to pass from one essential content to another .

Another fantastic way to show essential content is from the related entries, as long as you can customize them to direct your readers to your essential content.

Includes calls to action

Since one of the reasons for having essential content is to increase the loyalty of users, includes some call to action . This will help the reader know where to go to access your products and services.

Remember that, if you have done well, at this point you have already earned your trust and a certain level of reputation, as well that is the ideal time to offer "something more" .

Just as the essential content must be easy to find, it should also be the content that you want to direct your visitors to . [19659126] The importance of the essential content

The essential content offers your visitors a gateway to your website and can help retain the user who visits you by the first time .

The essential content shows the knowledge you have te helps you earn the trust of a potential customer .

Creates essential content publications and present them correctly to get the best r possible results.

You do not have to start from scratch. You can improve your old entries and make them good enough to become essential content

All the news of Divi 2.5

A few days ago came to light version 2.5 of Divi one of the most advanced and versatile topics that we can find these days, and has done with huge and interesting developments, which put it ahead of the competition many integers.

If Divi already offered a fantastic content layout experience, now, with the improvements introduced , becomes the most advanced tandem theme + layout designer improving even Visual composer the layout that is almost a standard.

The only Divica handicap versus Visual Composer currently it is that the latter is installable and adaptable to any subject, but this will not last long, since it has already announced Elegant Themes that the Divi visual designer will soon be available as a separate download for use with any r subject of the market .

So, whether you are going to use Divi or not, I think it is worth reviewing all the features it incorporates, including the news of Divi 2.5 .

Visual layout designer

 divi1 "width =" 610 "height =" 380 "srcset =" 610w, https: / / 550w "sizes =" (max-width: 610px) 100vw, 610px "/> </p>
<p> Divi is a WordPress theme to use, but what makes it special is the visual layout that includes, called <strong> Constructor Divi </strong>which <strong> allows you to convert an entry, page or the cover of your website into an impressive looking site </strong>. ] If you have not used any visual layout designer before, you should know that <strong> replaces the WordPress editor with an advanced version </strong> that, in addition to text, images, videos, etc., allows you to define by zones your content. do, can incorporate, for example: </p>
<li> Content blocks in several columns </li>
<li> Automatic content sliders </li>
<li> Contact forms </li>
<li> Code blocks </li>
<li> Automatic progress indicators </li>
<li> Review blocks of clients </li>
<li> Different backgrounds for each block of content, each with their images or background videos, images and added text </li>
<li> etc, etc, etc. The possibilities are practically endless </li>
<p> And, without a doubt, the best visual designer of the market is Divi. There are others such as <em> Cornerstone </em> or the same <a href= Visual composer the latter the most widely implemented, which offer everything, but none as well and as fantastic and simple as the divi visual layout .

The only "but", at the moment, is that we can only use it with the Divi theme, but this will soon be a thing of the past, and in a short time we will see that many of the themes that today are delivered with Visual Composer included, will soon be adapted to Divi, without a doubt.

In the following screenshot you can see how the Divi Constructor has replaced the default WordPress editor, incorporating rows, columns and blocks of dynamic content to

 Constructor Divi

Constructor Divi

Actions of right click

This, although it seems silly, is something that other visual dockers do not offer, and it does that the work flow or much faster and, consequently, more natural the use of the Constructor to model your content.

In any element of the model you can right click and, in this way, perform the most common actions for the elements of the

 right click divi 2.5

Actions so far complicated in visual layout, or sometimes difficult to find, such as copying a module or a row of modules, you can copy and paste them at the click of a mouse, or save an entire section in your personal library of modules, to reuse them in other contents.

 rename divi

Keyboard shortcuts

Not only do we have a right click, but Divi allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, and not strangers, but those that you usually use to copy, paste, etc, in your computer, with which the integration of the Constructor with a way of working is total.

This, that should be normal, n or you have it available, not in visual layout templates, but in any other web management and creation element that is out there.

You can copy and paste, cut as you usually do with your keyboard, save changes with the ENTER key, undo them with Control + Y (command key on Mac), use the ESC key to exit the settings of a module, everything.


 divi keyboard shortcuts

Copy and paste

] And if that was not enough, you can also copy and paste with ease, and best of all: you can copy and paste modules between different pages, not only on the same page you are designing. It's that easy and effective

 copy paste divi

User permission management

Something that you will not find out there in other layout models, and should be a basic one, is the management of user permissions, to define what user profile will be able to layout and what will be able to layout.

 editor roles divi

For example, you can define that the user with author profile can create rows and add text modules, but not images, or whatever you want, the possibilities are endless, and like everything in Divi very easy to use.

 role editor divi

Change history – Undo

At any time you can undo a change in a module while making models, but in addition, in the upper part of the constructor you have an icon with the history of the last changes, being able to undo any of the ones that you have made lately, or redo it .

 make undo divi

A joy that, again, you will not find out there.

 history of changes to undo divi

Elements inactive and blocked

It has crazy, it is the best idea they have had in Elegant Themes with version 2.5 of Divi. I mean that, until now, in any visual layout, if you wanted to eliminate a module a series of modules, an entire section with its corresponding modules, but you could need them later, you had to irremediably store the entire model in your library personal

But ah friend !, with the new Divi you can deactivate elements, rows, sections, whatever, with a simple right click so that they will remain there, for later use, but will not be loaded on your website.

 block divi content

One more step is to block items, or entire sections too, so that they can only modify that part of the model those user profiles that you have configured so they can not do it. A great way for your content authors to add content but not touch what should always be there.

Of course, as always, you can save any part of the model in your private library for later reuse and save time for the time to enter items you use often with custom settings.

 disable and block divi elements

Integration into the Customizer

Divi is fully integrated into the WordPress Customizer, so you can configure your custom settings from this common element of WordPress, from which you will access all your possible settings.

 customizer divi themes

Module Customizer

Special review deserves integration in the Customizer of the configuration and modification of all the elements of Divi, to be able to adjust quickly and visually every aspect of Divi (never better said) at the same time that you see how it will look on your website.

 modi divi personalizer

Integrated preview

In addition to all the above, the new Divi Constructor incorporates the preview without leaving it. What does this mean? Well now, when creating or modifying any module you have a way to see how it will look on your website before saving the changes, updating your page, etc.

 divi preview

In summary , you save a lot of steps, clicks and time.

In any module you have an icon at the bottom to access your preview …

 preview divi 1

And then, in the preview window you can see how your creation will look like, your piece of the layout, both on desktop devices and tablets and mobiles milk!

Integration with Mailchimp and Aweber

Divi also allows you to connect directly with the MailChimp and Aweber newsletter services, from the veteran ePanel, the general settings page of any Elegant Themes theme.

Then, once the services are connected, you can use the eleme Form and subscription forms connected to your preferred newsletter service

 divi newsletter integration

All this and much more

Divi has become what all the topics should be, and is revolutionizing the use of WordPress towards something that today seems novel and in no time will be the usual way of working in the editor, where we will not only write but also layout designers.

It's not the only subject that includes a visual layout but it's the best! And it is for many reasons, like what you just saw.

So you can do 2 things:

  1. Wait for the Divi Constructor is available as an independent download
  2. Acquire Divi right now and take all the themes of Elegant Themes or the fantastic plugins Monarch and Bloom ] Any of them separately is already worth the measly price it costs.

Come on, do not think about it or you'll be left behind …

 banner divi 250x400

NOTICE : this Publication is from two years ago or more. If it's a code or a plugin it might not work in the latest versions of WordPress, and if it's a news story it might be obsolete. Then do not say we have not warned you.

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