Technorati launches Ad Network for Blogs • WordPress Help

Technorati has been testing a new network of CPM ads Technorati Media It shows ads from big companies like Honda Sandisk Microsoft and Universal Pictures .

Right now they are working with the Most important blogs on the network but plan to open the network to anyone (yes, I said to anyone, even your blog and mine) in a few months.

If you make this move with intelligence can give a breath of fresh air to the current monopoly of Google Adsense in CPM ads and be able to have more options for our WordPress blogs than now, and until Microsoft not you decide to completely open your ad platform CPM we are practically tied to the conditions of Adsense if we want to earn some money for the page impressions in our blogs.

And it is not that there are no alternatives, that there are and enough but we must recognize that in CPM there is little like Adsense especially in content ads . We use a lot CPX but they are campaigns, normally not associated with the content of the blog and, consequently, less attractive for the reader because in many cases they do not add value to what you expect to find here. [19659006] At the moment we have to wait excited to see where this initiative of Technorati breathes. If you want you can already sign up on this page . Let's hope they open soon, that they facilitate the task with a good administration interface and that they even make a plugin for manage ads in WordPress – by asking that it not be left.


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