New search engine: Competition to Google?

Today read in several blog about the launching of a new search engine: Cuil (which in English is pronounced very similar to " cool " ). It is said to have been created by some former Google engineers, who join the search engines of those who try (but so far none) managed to remove a certain portion of the giant.

What's new? Well, we can already find about 121,617,892,992 web pages (according to them), and we can see that something appears on (although not yet much). You can already access a simple page with information for webmasters where it is indicated how to notify them of your site (send url), and briefly how to configure the robots.txt and the ip of their servers. In several places there is talk of a much better and more efficient algorithm than that of other leading search engines (it will be necessary to prove).

The most beautiful thing? It is to highlight the way it shows results : it does so in two or three columns (you can select it) and so you can see the results better distributed on your screen. It's pretty fast, simple; can be added to Firefox and its privacy policy seems to me "less scary" than Google.

What do you expect to use it? You can try it from or read more information .

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